Quick and Easy Ideas for School Club Recruitment

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Finding new sisters for your sorority is a special process. It’s not just about sorting through potential new members it’s about finding a new member of your family. Make sure your potential little sisters make it home to the right sorority with these awesome do-it-yourself template designs. These versatile products and designs can be used for shirts, makeup pouches, tote bags and more.

Sorority Recruitment Shirts and Totes

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Make sure your colors pop with dark fabric transfers (3279)

Whether you’re wearing them or handing them out, personalized shirts made just for your house are basically mandatory for sorority rush week. Unified sorority recruitment outfits made with fabric transfers are a beautiful way to show how close you and your sisters are. These templates can also be customized with your own phrases and images to make them just right.

Click here for the floral print background “Go Greek” template.

Click here for the floral print background Greek alphabet template.

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Quickly print out individualized tags using adhesive name badges (8395)

Iron-on fabric transfers are great on t-shirts but they can also be used on a variety of other surfaces as well. For example, tote bags and fanny packs make for great recruitment swag as well. These are also an amazingly subtle way to help advertise your sorority around campus. For best results, we would recommend visiting our fabric transfer help page for more information.

Click here for the retro sunset tote bag template.

Click here for the retro sunset with palms name badge template.

Click here for the retro sunset rainbow stripe name badge template.

Big/Little Gift Ideas

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Wow your sister with their own makeup pouch using iron-ons (3279)

As we all know, there’s a special bond that only big and little sisters can understand. Big/Little Week is the perfect time to show off your love for your Little with matching gifts and outfits. Choose some new brushes, palettes, lip gloss or more and fill them into a personalized makeup pouch for a spectacular surprise gift.

Click here for the floral print background “Big” and “Little” makeup pouch template.

big little sorority sister name tags
Twin with your Big or Little using name badges (8395) and light fabric transfers (3271)

These adorable matching designs are perfect for Big/Little week as well. Pack these awesome shirts along with some extra goodies into a gift basket for the big reveal at the end of the week. Make sure to include things that will help them feel at home like chocolate, scented candles and essential oils. Homemade gifts like these are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Click here for the retro “Big” and “Little” shirt template.

Click here for the retro name badge template.

Sorority Rush Name Badges

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All of these designs are compatible with flexible name badges (8395)

Make sure each of your sisters are seen with these customizable name badges. Connecting faces to names is a quick way to make potential new members feel close to your house immediately. These name tags are also perfect for open house and house tours as you guide potential members around. You can even add in titles to show who holds a position or add hometowns to help create instant hometown connections.

A matching sorority recruitment theme with the same designs or colors makes sure your sorority looks organized, trendy and fun. Along with customized shirts, details like these coordinated name badges can go a long way. These attractive designs can also be applied to many other Avery products like place cards, water bottle labels and gift tags. Take a look at our WePrint custom printing service to see all of the different ways we can print these for you.

Click here for the pastel watercolor name badge template.

Click here for the floral print background name badge template.

Click here for the floral design name badge template.

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