How to Turn Website Visitors Into Customers

turn website visitors into customers
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Getting a prospect to your website takes effort. But once they land on your site, you have the chance to start a relationship that can lead to a purchase. But are you doing all you can to take advantage of your website’s potential? We’ve put together some simple tips you can use to help turn your website visitors into loyal customers.

Bring the right people to your site

Conversion of website visitors to customers begins even before your website begins to load. You must first attract prospects to your site who are the most likely to buy. And to do this, you must create customer profiles. Then, your focus should always be on the needs and concerns of the people who fit those profiles. They will shape what you say in your marketing materials, the keywords and search optimization you use on your website, the social medial platforms and communities you target, and the events you attend.

Keep the conversation going

Many first-time site visitors will not be ready to buy. The opportunity you have when they first land on your site is to gather contact information or start a relationship so that you are top of mind when the time is right. For example, if you run a landscaping business, you can offer an email sign-up form for a gardening tips newsletter. A toy store could offer a sign-up for updates on toy recalls, gift ideas, or local kid-friendly events. These types of nurture programs can be a simple pop-up on your home page or a sign-up box on the sidebar.

You can also add educational or solution-based features that encourage repeat visitors to your site. For example, create a how-to blog that reinforces your company’s expertise. These can also be printed out and used on sales calls or at trade shows and events. Sharing helpful information strengthens relationships and communicates your expertise in your field.

In addition to building customer relationships, these simple activities will help you grow a strong mailing list. With that, you can continue to foster your connections with helpful emails, promotions, and even direct-mail campaigns.

Spotlight your site

Be sure that all of your printed materials feature your website prominently. This includes brochures, business cards, menus, flyers, mailers, and other resources. If your materials are outdated, it’s time to redesign and reprint them.

Entice people with deals

Providing promotions, deals, discounts, and other offers will help keep customers coming back. Some businesses have promotions on certain days of the week to make it easier for people to remember like “No Tax Tuesday” or “Free Ship Friday”. You can also use email and text alerts about special promotions or early access to hard-to-find inventory to people who provide their contact information.

Plan your promotions to take advantage of holidays, slow times, and high-demand seasons when it’s easy to get attention. Then, promote these deals at events, in your packaging, and online.

Once you convert your website visitors into customers, find out how those customers can help build your business and see how to attract even more new customers.

Author: Melanie Neff

Melanie has an extensive writing background built on an impressive journalism foundation. As a reporter for USA Today and The Los Angeles Times for almost 20 years, she covered everything from the Los Angeles riots, fires, and floods to LA Lakers, Raiders and Clippers games and movie premieres. She followed her newspaper career with a long tenure covering commercial real estate financing and development. Melanie has been writing about small business marketing and labeling needs for the last 12 years. She thrives on reading, researching and expanding her knowledge of everything going on in today's business world and looks to provide the most valuable information she can to her readers.

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  1. we currently have a web site, but not e-commerce. For GoDaddy to set it up the cost is $3,800 plus yearly support.
    Is ther a more affordable option?

    1. Hi Steven,
      Yes, there are definitely less expensive options out there. You can migrate your domain and site to another e-commerce provider such as Wix or Shopify. For example, check out this article on How to Transfer Your Website to Shopify. Find the e-commerce site that looks to be the best fit for you, then reach out to them and see if the migration is possible. Most e-commerce sites today offer an option.
      Let us know how it goes.

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