5 Easy-to-Make DIY Customer Appreciation Gifts

Personalize tasty crowd-pleasing treats

Show your appreciation with a delectable experience for your customers. In this blog post, we’re diving into the art of showing gratitude with five easy-to-make customer appreciation gifts that will leave a lasting impression. In fact, we’ll show you how to transform tasty crowd-pleasing treats into personalized tokens of thanks using Avery labels, tags, and fabric transfers. Additionally, you’ll discover how Avery products and our amazing free design tools can turn ordinary treats into extraordinary gestures. So get ready to add a dash of charm and a sprinkle of sincerity to your customer appreciation efforts.

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See how easy it is to to customize free Avery tag templates.

Order custom labels and tags for customer appreciation gifts

Ordering custom labels and tags through our Avery WePrint® service is a simple process that grants you the ability to personalize your holiday gifting with ease. Start by visiting the Avery website and navigating to either custom labels or custom tags. On each of these pages, you’ll encounter a user-friendly interface that walks you through the customization journey. Select the size and design template best suited to the type of customer appreciation gift you’re putting together.

Once you’ve chosen your customization preferences, the platform allows you to effortlessly personalize your labels and tags to best reflect your business. Incorporate your company logo, text, or uploaded images, and use your brand colors to ensure your labels align perfectly with your vision. Proceed to the straightforward checkout process, where you can select the quantity you need. Notably, the WePrint service provides the flexibility to order as few as two sheets of labels and 20 gift tags, or you can scale up the quantity as needed. Our professional digital printers guarantee high-quality, customized labels and tags, regardless of the quantity ordered.

Finally, complete your order through our secure checkout for a seamless experience that allows you to create branding for customer appreciation gifts using professionally printed Avery labels and tags.

Resources for professional customer gifts

Print your own finishing touches for customer appreciation gifts

Creating personalized labels, tags, and fabric transfers with Avery products is a convenient solution when you need to quickly customize customer appreciation gifts. Initiate the process by choosing the suitable Avery template that corresponds to the specific product—labels, tags, or fabric transfers—you plan to print on. Simply input the Avery product number on our template finder page to access the appropriate template. If you encounter difficulty finding the product number, this article is a handy reference. You can also contact our Customer Care Team at 1-800-462-8379 or use the chat feature for prompt support.

Following the template selection, pick a design that aligns with the customer gift you’ve chosen. Avery provides a diverse range of professional holiday designs that you can easily customize to fit your business and gift theme.

Once you’ve personalized your design using ADPO, print it. Begin by changing your printer settings to cardstock, heavy weight, or specialty paper to accommodate the thickness of the sheets. Then, set the scale to 100 for precise sizing and alignment of your labels, tags, or fabric transfers. Before printing, conduct a test run on plain paper to confirm the proper sheet direction and alignment. Do this by marking an “X” on a corner to verify the paper feed direction and check for any scale issues or design misalignment in the margins during the test. Adjust printer settings as needed until the output is correct. Finally, print your perfected design on the labels, tags, or fabric transfer product.

Resources for DIY customer appreciation gifts

1) Custom wine labels

Wine bottles with custom printed labels with bright poinsettias

Print your own personalized wine bottles with arched labels (22826/94600).

Or, choose “Let Us Print for You” after you’ve finished customizing to order custom-printed arch labels.

Create your own company-branded labels and apply them to wine bottles to instantly create a custom wine gift. It’s easy to import a company logo and add your custom text to create wine labels that make your customer appreciation gift look more professional.

2) DIY custom wine bags

Wine bags with custom printed lettering

Create customized wine bags with iron-on transfers (8938).

Impress your clients with a customized wine bag that looks professionally made. Wine bags are great for customer appreciation gifts because they double as a reusable bag for clients. Explore more DIY fabric transfer products and get expert tips for applying them on our fabric transfer resource page.

3) Personalized cookies

Cookies in small bags with round, festive poinsettia labels

Give cookies a flash of color with DIY-printed starburst labels (94609).

Cookies are a classic when it comes to client appreciation gifts. That’s because it’s incredibly quick and easy to order cookies from your local bakery and add your own label. In fact, you can use one of our thousands of holiday templates to create custom, personalized labels for holiday cookies. Want to make it even more branded? Add your logo to the labels so that every time your client grabs a cookie, they think of your company.

4) Custom snack basket

Festive basket filled with bags of dried fruits and nuts, featuring custom-printed labels

Create a unified theme with DIY-printed Kraft brown labels (22846).

Or, choose “Let Us Print for You” after you’ve finished customizing to order custom-printed Kraft labels.

Baskets make for eye-catching displays and provide multiple delicious options to delight your clients. Just pour a variety of snacks into bags, add your own labels, arrange them in baskets, and add any final garnishes for extra-colorful customer appreciation gifts.

5) Holiday popcorn treats

Cute bags, filled with popcorn, featuring festive poinsettia tags

Give your popcorn some extra seasoning with DIY-printed scallop tags (80511).

Popcorn is the perfect bite-size snack that’s a crowd favorite in most offices. Create your own customer appreciation popcorn gifts with cups, ribbons, tags, and cellophane bags. Add your company logo and personalized thank-you message to make them really pop.

Personalize treats for tasty customer appreciation gifts

In conclusion, you can elevate your customer appreciation game with personalized treats using Avery labels, tags, and fabric transfers. This blog has outlined five creative ideas, from custom wine labels to holiday popcorn treats, each leaving a memorable impact. With Avery’s WePrint service, ordering custom labels and tags is a breeze. And our printable fabric transfers are great tools for holiday gifting. Explore the provided links for more gifting inspiration and resources, and make every customer feel truly valued with these simple ideas with big impact. And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and check out our small business board on Pinterest for more great ideas.

Author: JoJo Mrgich

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