Cute Skincare Organization Idea for Day and Night

Feel good in your own skin (and home) with perfectly organized skincare products

Getting organized feels good, and finally getting around to that skincare organization project you’ve been putting off feels even better. The benefits of being organized in general are pretty great all on their own. However, there are some extra bonuses to taming your collection of skincare products.

Not only is it easier to find the stuff you use when you’re organized, but being organized can help you maintain your routine too. When your products are beautifully displayed and your routine is neatly mapped out, it’s easier to stay motivated.

With that in mind, we’re excited to share this skincare organization project that clears the clutter and looks cute too. In this article, you’ll find easy steps for organizing your skincare products and charming printable templates for color-coding your day and night routines.

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What you need to organize your skincare products and routine

Most importantly, you’ll need storage containers of some kind. In fact, desktop organizers for the office also work really well for skincare organization projects. However, be sure to find one in a material that’s easy to wipe down as needed.

Next, you’ll need waterproof labels and removable sign labels like our Surface Safe® wall decals. We make both our waterproof labels and Surface Safe products with film, not paper. They’re ideal for skincare organization projects because they hold up in steamy areas like the bathroom.

Not to mention the fact that our waterproof labels are also oil-proof, so they’ll stay looking awesome even if your products drip. Additionally, we formulated our Surface Safe adhesive specifically to stick securely to walls and peel away clean. That means no damage and no sticky residue left behind.

Lastly, you’ll need a laser printer, a smart device connected to your printer and the internet, and free Avery tools for designing your labels and decals. Log in or create a free Avery account to use our Avery Design and Print Online (ADPO) software. ADPO allows you to edit, print, and save Avery templates at no cost. Not only is the software free, but there is nothing to download or install.

Easy steps to streamline skincare products

Before you can organize anything you have to cut out the clutter. You don’t have to go for extreme minimalism. However, skincare organization is absolutely easier if you get rid of the things you don’t actually use.

The good news is that you can trim down your skincare products by following a few easy rules for sorting. Nothing valuable or useful will end up in the trash either, so you can purge with no regrets!

Start by sorting products into “Keep,” “Toss,” “Donate,” “Share,” and “Move” piles. Keep items you actually use. Toss anything that’s expired or nearly empty if it’s a product you don’t use. Unlike other household items, only donate skincare products that are new and unopened.

Use the “Share” pile for products that friends or family might appreciate. For example, an eye cream that is perfectly good but might have been opened or slightly used. Beauty items that are not for skincare belong elsewhere, so those go in the “Move” pile to be put away with other like items.

Skincare organization color-coded for day and night

Once you’ve set aside the items that you’re going to keep, it’s time for one more round of sorting. Sort the keep pile into products that you use in the morning, at night, and both.

Then write down the steps of your morning skincare routine in order. Repeat for the steps of your evening routine. Highlight the products that appear on both lists.

Next, use your lists to color-code your skincare products and label each product by step number. Finally, store small items in a decorative countertop tray or organizer.

Counter-top skincare organization for day and night routines. Cool apothecary dropper bottles and a larger face lotion bottle are color-coded with pink and blue labels for morning and evening use. All the bottles are neatly stored in a modern clear organizer with graphic gold trim.

Take your skincare organization to the next level with color-coded labels. Add text with ordered steps to two labels with two different colored backgrounds.

Order printable waterproof round labels (64502), waterproof round blank labels by the sheet, or custom-printed waterproof labels.

Create wall decals for your skin care routine

Once your products are organized, use the lists you made to create daily reminders. Instead of keeping a list on a loose piece of paper, use our free templates to create cute wall decals to remind you. The wall decals also come in handy when you’re trying to quickly pack for travel because they’re basically a built-in checklist.

Printing tips for this project

Many of our waterproof labels and all Surface Safe products are designed to work with laser printers. There are many reasons to use the correct printer for the product that you’re printing on, but there are two important things to keep in mind.

For one thing, laser printers use heat to set the ink and can destroy or melt printable products not meant to withstand heat. On the other hand, inkjet printers apply wet ink without heat, but laser-printable products don’t “absorb” the ink. Basically, the ink never sets so it will easily smear and smudge.

If you don’t have a laser printer or don’t want to print at home, our custom printing service, Avery WePrint®, is the perfect solution.

Elevate your skincare organization with Avery tools

Our cute day-and-night skincare organization idea will get your products organized (and looking good) in no time. Make sure you have a counter-top organizer, waterproof labels, Surface Safe decals, and a laser printer before you get started.

De-clutter your skincare products by sorting into “Keep,” “Toss,” “Donate,” “Share,” and “Move” piles. Then sort the keep pile into products you use in the morning, at night, and both. Write down your routines step by step. Then use that info to customize the color-coded labels and wall decal templates in this article.

Customize for free with Avery Design and Print Online software and print on a laser printer for the best results. Once you’ve got your freshly labeled products stored in the organizer, you’re ready to relax, moisturize, and enjoy!

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Author: JoJo Mrgich

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