Customer Spotlight: Kefir Lab

Avery customer: Kefir Lab

The story behind Kefir Lab and its products

This Avery customer spotlight focuses on San Francisco-based Kefir Lab. The company was founded as part of a shared vision by partners Erika and Dario, who wanted to spread knowledge about the microbiome and the power of probiotics in a delicious and fun way. The pair spent more than four years on research and traveling the world in search of the highest-quality kefir strains and ingredients. The result is everything they believe kefir should be – delicious and functional.

Erika grew up in Moscow, Russia, in a family of doctors and scientists. Since she was a child, her parents taught her about a healthy, active lifestyle, and the gut-brain connection. Thus, having probiotic kefir in her diet was essential, like drinking water and eating food.

Kefir Lab uses Avery WePrint film materials for the company's product labels

When Erika moved to North America, she couldn’t find functional kefir that met her standards. After a while, she started experiencing drastic changes in her well-being and overall performance. The lack of quality probiotic products motivated Erika to create her own kefir at home. She experimented with products using a unique biomedical process her father shared with her. 

When Dario, who was raised in Tuscany, Italy, met Erika, he was struck by her passion for probiotics and the gut-brain connection. Dario is passionate about the art and science of delicious, organic, and healthy foods, so he knew he could add a special taste to quality kefir.

Dario researched the topic and self-experimented by drinking kefir on a daily basis. He felt a drastic difference in his body and he also wanted to share it with the world.

So the pair partnered and challenged themselves to reimagine kefir. They wanted to create a product that was simple, clean, and backed by science. The result is everything they wanted – a delicious doctor-developed formula. 

Q: What has been your biggest success for Kefir Lab?

A: Our biggest success at Kefir Lab is hearing the amazing feedback we get from our customers. Many are treating Crohn’s Disease, IBS, autoimmune diseases, anxiety, and in general feeling in the best shape of their lives. We are on a never-ending journey of improvement and hearing we’ve positively affected peoples’ wellness is the motivation to continue to push forward.  

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Next for Kefir Lab is to expand our production capacity. We want to be able to serve larger chain stores nationwide such as Whole Foods Market and Sprouts and heal more guts! Currently, the products are available online, for wholesale, and in stores throughout California.

Q: Why did you choose Avery for your label needs?

A: Avery offers the best quality and price point! Also, the customer service is top-notch.

Q: Any special labeling tips you’d share?

A: The label material plays a big role when it comes to condensation for refrigerated products. Avery makes a custom labeling material for us which is a game-changer!

Kefir Lab uses Avery WePrint and our white squeezable matte film and white matte film to label its bottles of kefir and probiotic shots.

To learn more visit Kefir Lab. Want to try it for yourself and see if it makes a difference in your life? You can have it shipped directly from Kefir or find it at a store in California.