How to Print Business Cards & Brochure

Make sure your business card and company brochure make a great first impression. These professional-looking designs will get your company noticed.

Step 1. Open Template

Open the Business Card Template

Step 2. Personalize

Type in your company name, important contact information and a contact name.

Step 3. Print

Print on Avery Clean Edge Business Cards for an ultra-professional look

Step 4. Open Brochure Template – Front

Open the front of the brochure template

Step 5. Insert Images or photos

Import photos or images from a CD or that you have scanned.

Step 6. Add Content

Write copy, create headlines and add to the template

Step 7. Open Brochure Template – Back

Open the back of the Brochure template

Step 8. Add content

Repeat Steps 5 and 6 above

Step 9. Print

Print on Avery Inkjet Brochures. Print multiple copies so you have them on hand to distribute to new customers