Vape & E-Juice Labels & Stickers

Order blank printable vape labels or custom printed labels for vape bottles, cartridges & e-juice packaging. Get custom sizes at no extra cost. Easily personalize your vape labels using our free templates then print yourself or let us print them for you.

Order custom printed or blank labels for your vape products

Avery offers a large collection of labels and stickers that you can print yourself or Avery WePrint will professionally print them for you. Our vape and e-juice labels come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and finishes. Whether you want professionally printed product labels or you want to print them yourself, you can order and customize them online in minutes.

We can help you find the right label for not only the front of your vape packaging but also for the back, the bottom and the lid of tincture bottles, vape cartidges, ejuice bottles and more. Our waterproof labels resist moisture and oils, making them great for your vape products. See if you should use film or paper labels for your specific products.

Brand your vape bottles and e juice bottles with printable or custom printed Avery Labels

Order professionally printed custom labels for your health and wellness products

Order professionally printed vape labels online

With Avery WePrint, our professional printing service, you get premium vape and ejuice labels printed on industry-leading digital printers. WePrint labels come on sheets or rolls for hand or machine applications. You can buy as few as two label sheets or thousands of roll labels depending on your needs.

Choose from a huge catalog of superior materials and finishes to get the exact look you want for your vape cartridges, vape juice bottles, vape tubes and more. Try our waterproof and oil-resistant film labels that are perfect for oily products or items that might be be exposed to moisture. Or try our bold metallics and holographic labels to elevate your products with a luxurious, upscale look.

Buy printable vape labels online

If you're just starting your busines or you simply want a smaller quantity of product labels, our blank labels by the sheet are perfect for you. Just order the number of label sheets you need online, with no minimums. Then customize your vape products or ejuice items with our free templates and print from an inkjet or laser printer.

Our DIY vape labels are available by the sheet with more than 3,100 material, shape and size combinations. Choose from our waterproof films for products that will be used near moisture or have oily ingredients. Or try our glossy foil paper labels for products that need a touch of elegance.

Order printable labels online for vape cartridges, vape bottles and ejuice products

Design your vape labels and ejuice labels with free Avery templates

Easily customize your vape labels online with free templates

You can easily personalize your ejuice labels or other vape products online using our professional designs or upload your own logo or personal artwork. Choose one of our free designs or use a blank template to upload your logo and information to customize your way. Need warning labels? Check out our our warning label templates that you can quickly order on sheets or rolls. Always make sure your product labels are compliant with your state regulations before printing or ordering.

Once you're done customizing, simply order your vape labels online and then print from an inkjet or laser printer or have your custom printed labels delivered in as few as three business days. Whether you’re labeling bottles, jars, boxes, pouches or bags, Avery labels has a fit for you.