How To Throw a Perfect Baseball Birthday Party

Knock your kid’s next birthday out of the park with these awesome baseball birthday party ideas. Our team of pros has thought of everything including ticket invitations, customizable baseball shirts, Cracker Jack party favors, and more. Whether you’re looking for a complete party or some extra decorations, these baseball party ideas are sure to make the crowd go wild.

Baseball Birthday Party Invitations 

create personalized tickets for a baseball birthday party

Charge up your guests before the party starts with these clever baseball ticket invitations. These tickets work just like the real thing with actual tear-away stubs. Your guests can keep the stubs as a memento to remember what’s sure to be an unforgettable event.

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VIP Name Badges

VIP name badges for kids birthday party with baseball theme

Once your guests arrive, immediately get them into a sporting mood with these individualized VIP passes. Each pass includes two customizable ticket stubs that can be redeemed for prizes like jerseys, baseball cards, or foam fingers.

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Snacks and Refreshments

water bottle party favors

Water bottles are a fantastic gift that promotes hydration while keeping your baseball birthday party theme. Reusable bottles are also a smart way of avoiding leftover cups and cans at the end of the day.

Order printable round labels (22830), blank round labels by the sheet, or custom printed round labels

Baseball cracker jack cupcakes

Swing for the fences with these homemade cupcake toppers. All you need are round labels and skewers to instantly give your treats some rah-rah spirit. You can even take it up a notch by decorating each cupcake with a classic baseball snack like Cracker Jack®.

Order printable round labels (22830), blank round labels by the sheet, or custom printed round labels

Baseball Party Favors

plastic baseball helmets with custom stickers

Although it’s your kid’s big day, birthday parties are also about your guests’ enjoyment as well. Try organizing some games and challenges to give out cool prizes. Personalize labels to add to prizes and favors to make one-of-a-kind gifts.

Order printable round labels (22830), blank round labels by the sheet, or custom printed round labels

Iron on designs for baseball party

Make sure everybody’s on the same team with these adorable custom-printed baseball shirts. Design these shirts with your kid to add in images, nicknames, and a funny team name. We also have a helpful resource page for fabric transfers to guide you through the process.

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custom tag with baseball theme for birthday parties

Are you getting a piñata? If you are, then this is the perfect opportunity to hand out these plastic bats. However, you may need to get ready to intercept if your guests start to swing for the fences.

Order printable tags or custom printed tags.

Baseball party favors

At the end of the day, make sure everybody walks away happy with one of these fantastic party favors. For our favors, we used a mix of baseball-shaped stress balls, Cracker Jack, and Big League Chew® bubble gum. These handcrafted bags of treats are exactly what you need to knock your party out of the park.

Order printable tags or custom printed tags.

We hope all these tips, templates, and product ideas will help you throw an amazing baseball-themed party. Whether you print your labels and cards yourself, or you let Avery WePrint professionally print them for you, Avery has the perfect accessories for all your parties.

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