Baby Shower Invitation

baby shower invitations

Create your own baby shower invitations using Avery Templates and additional embellishments.

You’ll need the following:

– Avery Textured Greeting Cards (3378™ or 53210™)
– Fiskars® Victorian Paper Edgers
– Fiskars® scissors
– Ribbon
– Glue

Step 1. Open Template

Using your favorite software, select the Avery portrait template for half-fold cards.

Step 2. Design the Left Half

On the left half of the card, use your drawing tool to create an orange colored box (or any color of your choice).

Over the box, insert each infant block clip art image into a text box. Format the text box with no fill and no line.

Size each block to about 1¼”. Leave about 1” of space between the blocks for cutting.

Step 3. Design the Right Half

On the right half of the card, insert and fill the page with the “Pattern Paper Infant Green Checks” clip art to create a background.

Over the background, create a right-aligned text box and type in the invitation text. Format the text box with no fill and no line.

Step 4. Print and Cut

Print the invitation onto Avery Textured Greeting Cards and cut the card in half along the score.

Trim around each infant block with Fiskars® Victorian Paper Edgers, leaving ¼” border of the colored box.

Step 5. Decorate

Glue the ribbon and blocks on the left side of the invitation, with your text displayed on the right.