6 Cute and Easy DIY Easter Ideas Anyone Can Do

Hop into spring and celebrate with cute Easter ideas

Spring is here and everyone is ready to shake off the winter blues. Cute Easter crafts and treats are the perfect way to make Easter celebration extra special. We’ve curated a list of simple Easter Bunny-approved ideas that are super easy to make at home with the kids. So hop to it and try one, or all, of these DIY Easter ideas that are sure to put smiles on your family’s faces.

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two images showing cute easter basket ideas for treats one image shows paper napkin bunny sacks for jelly beans made using drawing a bunny face on blank avery labels the others shows polka dot easter eggs made by applying avery colorcoding dots and then dying the eggs
Dress up traditional Easter basket goodies with simple blank labels. Make cute bunny faces for treat bags and block-out polka dot patterns while dying Easter eggs.

Easter basket ideas for dressing up the classics

Jelly beans and Easter eggs. The two MVPS of Easter baskets. Why not give them a little makeover this year for a refreshed looking Easter basket? If you think you’ve tried every Easter egg design imaginable, it’s time to try block-out dying with stickers. It’s so easy to do and incredibly versatile.  

Pro Tip: Polka dot hardboiled eggs aren’t just for Easter. They make perfect “dino” eggs for adding some imagination to your kids’ lunches or as part of your party food menu for a dino-themed birthday.

1) Paper napkin Easter goodie bag idea  



  1. Open a napkin and fold on the diagonal. Place approximately 2 tablespoons of jelly beans (or the treat of your choice) in the center.
  2. Draw bunny faces on your labels (remember to leave enough blank white labels to be the back of each bunny’s head).
  3. Gather up the napkin into a little pouch with two points sticking out for “ears” and twist.
  4. Stick a bunny face on the front and a blank label on the back to secure the pouch.
  5. Finish using string or twist ties to attach a handwritten name tag to each Easter goodie bag.

2) Polka dot Easter eggs hack



  1. Make sure your hardboiled eggs are dry and cool to the touch.
  2. Use color-coding dots to create a polka dot pattern on un-dyed eggs. Gently press to make sure each sticker is stuck in place.
  3. Optional: you can also use small star stickers (or any other tiny sticker shapes) to create different patterns on your eggs.
  4. Once you have your stickers in place, dye your eggs as usual using your favorite method.
  5. When you take your Easter eggs out of the dye bath, gently pat dry with a paper towel.
  6. Let dry fully, then peel off the stickers to reveal your perfectly polka dotted Easter eggs!
Pro Tip: We like this easy-to-follow instructional video for dying Easter eggs because it includes natural dye options and there's also a quick link with instructions for cooking the eggs if you need it.
two images showing ideas for easter bunny themed snacks for kids one image shows a simple lunch sack turned into a bunny and decorated with an avery tag and the other shows colorful bunny snack cones made using blank postcards and a free avery template and decorated with googly eyes and avery marks a lot markers
Make the whole day magical with Easter Bunny-themed snacks. Bunny sacks and bunny cones are easy to do ahead of time as a surprise, or turn it into a craft project for the kids!

Kids snack pack ideas for Easter day

Special foods are a big part of any celebration. Help make the whole day extra special for kids with cute ways to dress up their regular snacks and lunch. Try these super simple projects to create a little more Easter bunny magic while celebrating at home.

3) Easter Bunny paper sack lunch for kids


  • Paper lunch bag
  • Tags with string
  • Crafting pompoms
  • Hot glue or school glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Optional: ruler


  1. Mark a dot about 2 inches down from the top center of your lunch bag. Draw a triangle with point facing down by connecting the dot to each corner of the top of the bag.
  2. Cut out the triangle and fill the bag with the kids lunch or snacks.
  3. Print out or handwrite an Easter message on your tags.
  4. 1 inch below the triangle, twist the bag and secure with a tag on a string.
  5. Glue a pompom “bunny tail” on the back of the paper bag to complete the Easter bunny look.

To recreate our look, use these templates: blue Hoppy Easter template, pink Hoppy Easter template

On this tag: Printable scallop edged tags with strings (22848)

4) Easter bunny & carrot paper snack cones



  1. Print out our bunny cone Easter craft template on several different colored postcards and cut out all pieces.
  2. Roll the largest cut out into a cone to form a “body” for your Easter bunny. Secure with tape.
  3. On the front of the cone, draw a bunny face and add googly eyes.
  4. Use your glue stick to add matching colored bunny ears to the back of the cone opposite of the face.
  5. Finish with contrasting inner ear pieces glued onto the ears so that they overlap with the inner edge of the cone.
Pro Tip: You can create complimentary carrot cones by using the large cut out on an orange postcard. Draw your own green leaves to glue on the back of the cone where the ears are placed on the Easter bunny version.
two images showing easter ideas for 2021 to send to loved ones celebrating remotely one image shows a mason jar craft filled with easter cookie ingredients and decorated with an avery tag and the other shows a diy tote bag made with a free avery template for fabric transfers
Sending a little gift is fun if you’re remotely celebrating Easter with friends and family. Try a mason jar craft or making your own festive tote bag.

Easy-to-mail Easter crafts for gifting

Just because you’re celebrating at home, doesn’t mean you can’t send Easter wishes to friends and family. These cute Easter crafts are perfect for gifting and are really easy to send through the mail… but the tote bag is so cute, you might need to keep one for yourself!

5) Easter cookies mason jar craft


  • 24oz Mason jar
  • Dry ingredients for your favorite Easter cookies
  • Optional: Pastel candy-coated chocolates
  • Printable gift tags with strings
  • Ribbon


  1. Add each dry ingredient to your Mason jar, gently tapping to settle contents after each layer.
  2. Print or write out the baking instructions on a half-sheet of paper, roll it up and push it down into the mix.
  3. Decorate the front of your Mason jar craft with a pretty ribbon and top off with a festive tag.
Pro Tip: Purple yam powder can be used to add a mildly sweet flavor and pretty purple color (perfect for Easter) to traditional cookie recipes.

To recreate our Easter cookies mason jar craft exactly:

We halved this purple yam cookie recipe, adding in pastel candy-coated chocolates and swapping out half the regular sugar for brown sugar.

Use this template: Bunny Tails Easter tag template

On this tag: 2″ x 3-1/2″ printable tags with strings (22802)

6) Chocolate Easter bunny DIY tote bag



  1. Open our chocolate Easter bunny template and test print on regular paper to make sure it comes out the way you want it. Note: the image will be flipped in print preview.
  2. Use your iron and follow the instructions for using our light fabric transfers to apply the transfer to your bag.
  3. When your Easter bunny bag project is completely cool to the touch, slowly peel the backing paper away from corner to corner.
  4. Enjoy!

Celebrating Easter has never been more delightful, thanks to these charming DIY ideas that add a touch of whimsy to your festivities. From bunny-themed treats to easy-to-mail crafts, we’ve got your Easter celebration covered. But the fun doesn’t stop here—join our community on Instagram and Pinterest! On these platforms, we share even more creative ideas, templates, and step-by-step guides to make your holidays and everyday moments extra special. Hop into a world of endless creativity.

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