3 Quick Ideas to Expand Brand Awareness

expand your brand

Simple ways to build your branding with printed products

Now that you’ve settled on the perfect brand image, it’s time to start thinking about how to build on it. We’ve put together these three quick ways to expand your brand without spending too much money.

You can order all of the items in this article professionally printed by Avery WePrint or you can print them yourself with our blank labels by the sheet or our DIY card products.

Use custom postcards for brand building

Build your brand with custom postcards professionally printed by WePrint

Create promotional postcards to tell your customers about upcoming sales or seasonal offerings. For example, if you’re opening a boutique, try using branded postcards as a direct-mailing tactic, inviting locals to drop in for a discount or free gift. Even if they don’t come in, it’s a simple way to build brand awareness.

Upgrade your product labels and logo stickers

Expand your brand using Avery WePrint custom logo stickers and product labels

Everything your business produces should point back to your brand. When it comes to your packaging and product labels, think beyond the basics while keeping your look consistent and professional. For instance, add stickers or custom hang tags to takeout bags, to-go boxes, shopping bags, coffee cups, wrappers, and gift boxes. Drop a business card or coupon into all your shipping boxes and to-go bags as well.

Business Cards

Create business cards to build your branding

Create a variety of business cards that highlight different aspects of your company. Then take the appropriate card with you to different events depending on your target market. Also, take advantage of double-sided printing to include additional information, such as a list of services, directions, or pricing. Or convert the back of the card into a coupon or loyalty card to reward customers and help you reach new prospects.

While the digital world slowly takes over our lives, printed products remain a strong, viable form of marketing, with a much longer shelf life. So make sure and back up all your digital marketing efforts with custom printed products that provide quality information and valuable offers that keep your customers coming back.

Author: Melanie Neff

Melanie has an extensive writing background built on an impressive journalism foundation. As a reporter for USA Today and The Los Angeles Times for almost 20 years, she covered everything from the Los Angeles riots, fires, and floods to LA Lakers, Raiders and Clippers games and movie premieres. She followed her newspaper career with a long tenure covering commercial real estate financing and development. Melanie has been writing about small business marketing and labeling needs for the last 12 years. She thrives on reading, researching and expanding her knowledge of everything going on in today's business world and looks to provide the most valuable information she can to her readers.

2 thoughts on “3 Quick Ideas to Expand Brand Awareness”

  1. Hello!
    Do you offer design/logo branding? I have so many ideas that I cannot compose my thoughts to create my own. For short, I am still kind of lost on how to make my logo design. I want it to be unique & truly me. And if ever, how much would it cost me?

    1. Hi Carmela,
      We do not offer design services at this time. However, I spoke with our Sr. Graphic Designer and members of the design team and they suggested:

      When looking for a design service first off, ask to see the designer’s portfolio so you can judge if you like their design aesthetic before sharing your own ideas. Once you find a designer that fits your needs, be very direct and provide them all the requirements of your project. These include:

      • Project Scope: Are the looking for anything else beyond a logo? For instance, having the logo being applied to packaging or other marketing collateral.
      • Pricing: Determine if the designer by the hour or a flat rate. If it’s by the hour, the designer should give their rate up-front to the client or negotiate. Hourly pay includes any research, concepts, mockups and output.
      • Timing: When do they need the project done by?

      Another option are the many online logo design websites that are fairly inexpensive, such as 99designs.com and RipeConcepts.com, design houses with a lot of designers and fast turnaround times.

      You could also use our free Avery Design & Print where you can upload your own ideas and customize them using our free templates. They’re easy to use and our Call Center is on duty so if you need any help they can walk you through it.

      I hope this helps. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

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