Take the Mystery Out of Mail Merge

collage of letters, labels and other mailing materials in subtle, light colors

Whether you're sending out a huge batch of direct-mail, you're adding variable data to product labels, or you're using our popular 5160 address labels for a big event, creating the labels can be a hassle. But Avery makes it easy. In a few steps, you can create your own mailing list and perform a “mail merge” for fast, easy labels just the way you want them.

1. Collect your names and addresses

Creating a contact list is the key to saving time. Instead of handwriting addresses, all you have to do is enter the names and addresses one time in your favorite spreadsheet program.

2. Select a spreadsheet program

Whether you have mailing lists in different programs, or you’re creating one for the first time, choose a database program to enter your information. Microsoft® Excel® and Google Sheets are two popular programs. The benefit of a spreadsheet is, once you’ve entered names and addresses to create your mailing list, updating the information in the future is a snap. You can also use one of our pre-formatted files for Microsoft Excel or other programs.

3. Use Avery Design & Print

With Avery Design & Print you can import the information from your spreadsheet and prepare your labels for printing for free.

4. Merge your information

Once you open your design canvas in Avery Design & Print, select a text box then click Start Mail Merge under the Import Data tools. The application will help you locate your file and upload the names. Then you can format your labels the way you want. Watch this demo to see it in action.

5. Print or order your labels

Once you're done formatting your labels, you can either print them yourself or let Avery do it for you. You can buy our printable labels two ways, in our popular retail packs or our online blank labels by the sheet with no set quantities and no minimums.

Don't want to print your labels yourself? Let Avery WePrint, our professional printing service, do it for you. With fast turnaround, premium quality and 100% satisfaction guaranteed, no matter how you print your labels, you can't beat Avery.

Now that mail merge is no longer a mystery, try it out yourself. Get started now.