Do's and Dont's for Designing Your Beauty Product Label

Do's and Dont's for Designing Your Beauty Product Label


Before you prep your beauty product to hit the shelves, either in store or online, check out these helpful labeling do's and don'ts. Use free software (like Avery Design & Print at to design, print yourself, or custom order as many labels as you need.


  • Consider using 2-3 fonts to help consumers separate information
  • Add a touch of design flair, such as a border or graphic, to a largely simple design for a label that's both sophisticated and original.
  • Consider a glossy finish - it helps graphics pop and text appear sharp (and protects against spills)
  • List net contents in fluid ounces or millileters
  • List ingredients in descending order, from highest to lowest quantity used


  • Don't use potentially misleading verbiage, such as "instantly" or "heals"; otherwise, your beauty product may be misinterpreted as a drug.
  • Don't include a product's bar code on a transparent label - scannability requires a white background
  • Don't forget to include the address of where the product was made to help explain its origin, backstory, or sourcing
  • Don't list ingredients in a type size smaller than 1/16 inch*
  • Don't forget to account for different distances and lighting when testing your label (think salon vs. spa)
*Unless surface area is limited, in which case exceptions can be made