Create a Unique Unboxing Experience

Small Business Unboxing 1
Increase brand awareness (and dress up that shipping box!) with customized stickers featuring your business logo.

Why meet your customers’ expectations when you can exceed them? Packing your shipped goods into an unforgettable unboxing experience can help build a great relationship with your customers, provide a shareable moment with their friends, family and social media connections and elevate your brand. Here are a few budget-friendly ideas on how you can delight your customers in unexpected ways, using free design templates on Avery Design & Print and Avery Labels and Avery Tags. Print right from your desktop printer, or have them custom printed for you and by Avery WePrint™ and delivered in just three business days.

Small Business Unboxing 2
Give your customers a warm “hello” with friendly messages inside the box.

Brand the box

Cue the drum roll, please! Great products deserve a great presentation. With custom-branded boxes, you can build the excitement right from the start. Create customized stickers with fun messaging using your brand colors, or seasonal stickers with festive designs. How about popping a sticker inside the lid? These stickers can also be used on the shipping box (as long as it doesn’t interfere with the addressing, of course).

Small Business Unboxing 4
Let customers know how much you value their business with a thank-you note and special offer.

Show your appreciation

What better way to greet your customers than with a warm “thank you” right when they open the box? And, what really gets noticed is your personal touch. Print their name on the card, add a handwritten message and include any specific care instructions for the product they’ve purchased (if applicable), and you’ll give them something worth holding on to—and to remember you by.

Celebrate your shoppers

Surprise gifts can create an emotional connection with your customers. And who doesn’t like receiving gifts? Pop in a free sample or two so they can try something new, or include a coupon for an offer they won’t want to pass up, valid on their next purchase. These unexpected gifts can give them a reason to come back—and to continue building their relationship with you.

Small Business Unboxing 6
Create an eye-catching presentation with your unique brand on products. Printable Tags and Labels are customizable at

Packaged to perfection

Last but not least are the products they’ve been waiting for! When they see their products beautifully packaged and carefully packed, it makes unboxing their purchases feel like opening a gift in itself.

Think about how you can create your own unboxing experience for your customers by incorporating some of these low-cost marketing tools to create high-value results.