Blank Label Materials
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Blank Label Materials

Avery Blank Labels come in a wide variety of materials:

  • Matte White Paper
  • Glossy White Paper
  • Durable Matte White Film 
  • Durable Removable White Film
  • Dissolvable Matte White Paper
  • Removable Matte White Paper
  • EcoFriendly Matte White Paper
  • TrueBlock® Matte White Paper
  • Matte White Paper with Sure Feed®
  • Matte Clear Film
  • WeatherProof White Film
  • UltraDuty® White Film
  • Surface Safe™ White Film for Signs
  • Waterproof White Vinyl Film
  • Waterproof Silver Metallic Film
  • Matte Silver Foil Paper
  • Glossy Gold Foil Paper
  • Glossy Silver Foil Paper
  • Bright Blue Paper
  • Bright Green Paper
  • Bright Yellow Paper
  • Bright Orange Paper
  • Bright Pink Paper
  • Neon Green Paper
  • Neon Magenta Paper
  • Neon Yellow Paper
  • Kraft Brown Labels

You can order a wide variety of shapes and sizes in most of these materials.

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