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How to Order Custom Size Blank Labels to Print Yourself

We now offer custom size labels in a variety of shapes and materials. You can go to here to get started.

  • First, use the drop-down to select a shape and enter in the custom size in either decimals or fractions
  • You will see the site narrow the search results to match the size you entered. Select the tile for the label you want to purchase
  • You will now be on the calculator page. Here you can use the drop-downs to select a material and quantity. You may be required to select a specific printer type (laser or inkjet) depending on the material you select
  • If you want a custom quantity use the toggle button next to Enter a Custom Quantity and enter in the number of sheets you would like to order
  • Finally, select Add to Cart
  • After purchasing your labels, you will receive a confirmation email for the order. This email will contain your template number (Presta T00-XXX) for your custom size label
  • You can also find your template number by going to
  • Go to to enter your custom size template number


  • The limit for custom size is Height 9.75 x Width 7.75
  • Not all materials are available for custom sizes. For more information on material availability check out our article here

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