Blank Labels Water Resistant And Waterproof Materials
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Blank Labels Water Resistant and Waterproof Materials

Avery Blank Labels can be ordered in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials that are water resistant and waterproof.  Water resistant labels can withstand some splashing or spraying of water without smearing, but they cannot be submerged. Waterproof labels can be submerged in water and not smear.

Waterproof label materials (these are also water resistant):

Ultra Duty White Film for Laser
Surface Safe White Film for Signs
Weatherproof White Film Clear Film for Laser Silver Metallic Film

Durable white film labels are water resistant or waterproof, depending on the printer used:

Durable White Film labels are waterproof if printed with a Pigment-based Inkjet or Laser printer, or water-resistant to accidental splashes if printed with a standard dye-based inkjet printer.
See our full list of Blank Label material options. 
For more information, read our blog post:

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