Add Text Box To A Design And Print Project
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Add Text Box to a Design & Print Project

In Avery Design & Print Online, after you've selected your template, on Step 3 - Customize:

  • Click the letter T on the left of the screen to see all the Text options  
  • Click Add Text Box   

  • Leave the words Type your Text (or other placeholder text in the middle of the screen) highlighted in blue
  • Choose formatting options to the left such as font style, size and color  

  • To create a full sheet of identical labels or cards (like return address labels or business cards), stay on Edit All (this option shows on the right in the Navigator), to type different text on each label or card, click Edit One
  • With the words Type your Text still highlighted blue - start typing your information
  • To start the next line of information - select Enter on your keyboard

You can also change the spacing between lines of text with the line spacing slider.


When Editing your Text, you can also:

Change the Font  including:  Bold, Align Text

Add Spanish Language Letters and Letters

Copy and Paste Text in Avery or From Another Source

Align the Text

Arrange the Text Box

Rotate Text Box

Curve the Text

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