Copy And Paste Text And Images In Design And Print
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Copy and Paste Text and Images within Design & Print

The Copy and Paste controls are at the top of Step 3 - Customize.  You can also use keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V) or right-click. The shortcuts are Command + C and Command + V on a Mac.
To copy items from one label or card to another, or from the front side of a card to the back:

  1. Select Edit One in the Navigator at the top right
  2. Add the text and images to the first label or card. (Note: If you loaded another design on Edit All, be sure to Delete the original design layer)
  3. To copy the text box entirely, click on the edge of the text box so the dotted line turns solid, then click Copy
  4. To copy only a portion of the text, click and drag to select what you want to copy and then click Copy
  5. To copy an image, click on the image
  6. Go back to the Navigator and click where you want to paste
  7. Click Paste. 
You can also select all the items on a label or card by clicking at the top left of the item and then dragging to the bottom right.  Then you can use Copy and Paste.  This is great for copying information from the front to the back of tent cards or place cards.
You may also do this by holding down the Shift key on your keyboard and selecting each text box and image you want to copy. You will see that it selects each part of your design. Then you can use the Copy and Paste options at the top of Customize.
If you want to move the entire design onto a different Avery product, use Change Template (above the Navigator).

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