Text Box Rotate Re Size And Drag Or Move
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Text Box/Image Re-Size, and Drag / Move, Rotate for Sideways or Upside Down Text

In step 3 customize ... 

To Rotate the Text Box/Image
  • Click into the text box
  • Look to the top middle of your text box and hover your mouse directly over the circular symbol your cursor will now appear as that symbol.
  • Mouse click: then press & hold to begin moving your mouse in a circular motion

To Drag Text Box/Image
  • Click into the text box
  • Hover your mouse over the dotted lines bordering around your text box
  • Your cursor will now appear as a four-directional arrow
  • Mouse click and hold to move the text box around

To Re-size the text box/Image
  • Click into your text box
  • Hover your cursor over the white circles at the top or sides
  • Your cursor will appear as a two-headed arrow.
  • Mouse click and hold the text box in an up & down or sideways direction to re-size


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