Ways to Use Dissolvable Labels

way to use dissolvable labels

What are dissolvable labels and when do you need them?

Dissolvable labels are generally made from water-soluble paper label stock that disintegrates completely in water, leaving no sticky residue behind. They don’t need hot water to dissolve and will disintegrate in 30 seconds or less. Dissolvable labels are ideal for reusable containers that will be washed regularly or for containers with constantly changing contents or expiration dates. In this article, we’ll share some of the most popular ways to use dissolvable labels and where to buy them.

Avery blank dissolvable labels by the sheet work with both laser and inkjet printers and are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You can also buy the labels in our popular retail packs. The labels can all be printed and then written on with a ballpoint pen, pencil, or permanent marker, making them perfect for the food and medical industries. They don’t require any soaking and wash away easily in the sink or dishwasher with no clumps of paper to clog drains.

Are dissolvable labels eco-friendly?

The easy answer to this is yes! Avery dissolving labels are biodegradable and water-soluble. They can also help in the recycling of PET plastics because they wash away completely without any adhesive residue. They also eliminate the need for manual removal and disposal, which can reduce waste and pollution.

Dissolvable labels are eco-friendly. They’re made from materials that dissolve in water, eliminating the need for manual removal and disposal. This can reduce waste and pollution, and also help to conserve resources.

Kitchen container labels

For home use and professional kitchens, labels that dissolve from containers are ideal for food prep and storage. They’re great for labeling glass or plastic containers with freshness dates for new food as well as leftovers. Then easily wash them away in the dishwasher or by hand with no residue left in the machine or on the containers.

Restaurants often use labels that dissolve for their food rotation. Dissolvable kitchen labels are useful for labeling perishable foods with expiration dates. For home, if you’re labeling meal-prep containers or canning jars, you know how difficult it can be to clean the containers when finished. Check out our meal prep label designs to make meal prep more fun.

Medical facilities

Labels that dissolve are great for tracking and identifying medical devices, lab samples, and equipment, as well as for labeling medication and other products. Medical packaging is another ideal use where the labels can highlight expiration dates and other important information. They are also a great time-saving solution for temporarily labeling multiple reusable surfaces and containers, including bottles, vials, plasticware, and medical instruments.

Daycare and school

Parents with kids know everything needs a label or it gets lost. Dissolvable labels are awesome for sending food, snacks, and supplies to daycare and school. They’re perfect for things like food containers, bottles, and sippy cups that you can easily wash away so you’re ready to go for tomorrow. Wish we could say the same for those stained clothes, though.


Talented bakers and Pinterest fanatics know that half of the gift may be in the wrapping. And if you’re giving your gift in a container that the giftee can reuse, a dissolving label is perfect. A fun personalized label that is easy to remove can make the jar, bottle, or box easy to enjoy again.

Items that come in beautiful reusable containers like candles are a perfect example of this. Or if you sell or gift your homemade goodies in pretty jam jars, using labels that wash away is a perfect solution.

In conclusion

So whenever you’re putting a label on something you want to be able to use again without scrubbing and scraping off the old label, then Avery dissolvable labels are the way to go. And they are easy to personalize with our free templates. Choose a predesigned template or upload your own artwork to customize your dissolvable labels the way you want them. Then print them from your inkjet or laser printer. It’s that easy.

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