ReciPal Makes Food Labels Easy

Recipal partnership with Avery for making food labels

See how our partner ReciPal makes labeling food products a breeze

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At Avery, our mission has always been to make life easier for our consumers since our founder Stan Avery invented the self-adhesive label back in 1935. Today, the majority of our clients are small businesses. We work with them on a daily basis, helping them create product labels, shipping labels, warehouse labels and marketing materials to help keep their businesses growing. We hear their pain points and know what they need to keep their businesses growing. That’s why we’ve partnered with ReciPal, another company dedicated to helping small businesses reach their full potential. We recently talked with the founders to learn more about the company and to share with our food entrepreneurs how ReciPal makes food labels easy.

How did ReciPal get started?

Back in 2009, Lev Berlin helped a few of his friends start a beef jerky company called SlantShack. The business took off. When Maxim magazine wanted to feature their product, the partners knew they needed to get serious about their nutrition labeling, and Lev was tasked with solving this problem.

At the time, all the solutions were either too expensive, too time-consuming, or too complicated. Rather than send their jerky off to a lab for testing, waiting weeks, and paying a ton of money – Lev built a database analysis tool so they could make FDA-compliant nutrition labels themselves.

It turns out a lot of other food entrepreneurs were in the same predicament. Lev decided to turn this side project into a full-time business and for the past decade, ReciPal has helped thousands of food businesses eliminate the headaches around making food labels.

How does ReciPal make food labels easy?

We offer do-it-yourself nutrition label software to create FDA and CFIA compliant nutrition labels. If people want more support, we also provide label reviews and consulting.

On the inventory management side, ReciPal software lets companies easily track all their raw materials, production runs, and finished goods to simplify their processes, create accountability, and never run out of ingredients.

What are the company’s plans for the future?

At ReciPal, our mission is to make life easier for food businesses so they can get back to doing what they love. Outside of labeling, we also help companies with costing, lot tracing, and inventory management. Those are all areas where we see a lot of future growth opportunities. Beyond that, we plan on expanding the markets and the types of products we cover. This includes supporting labels in the EU and Australia, as well as supplements and pet food.

We’re proud to be a private, self-funded company and don’t see that changing anytime soon. This structure lets us stick to our values of providing a great product with unparalleled customer service at a fair price.

Who are your main customers?

We have customers all across the spectrum, but our main customers are food entrepreneurs looking to take their products to the next level. These are often brands that are looking to enter into retail or further scale their operation.

Our biggest seller is our nutrition label software subscription that lets users create unlimited recipes and labels.

What makes ReciPal unique?

ReciPal was built by food entrepreneurs for food entrepreneurs. We understand how difficult the industry can be because we’ve navigated all of the obstacles ourselves. So, we designed our product with an intimate understanding of the challenges and complexities of running a food business. With that in mind, we built it to be the most flexible, affordable, and intuitive solution available. Whether your product is just making its debut at a local farmers market or selling in thousands of stores worldwide, we have solutions that can help take you to the next level.

ReciPal is more than just a software platform. We care deeply about the outcomes of all of our customers and leverage our collective expertise to help food entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. We’re constantly listening to users and developing new features to simplify their lives and get them back to doing what they love.

How is the Avery partnership a good fit?

ReciPal makes creating FDA and CFIA compliant nutrition labels a breeze. With our software, you can literally build the perfect nutrition fact panel in a matter of minutes. But then what?

Let’s face it – no one is creating nutrition labels just for fun. They’re doing it to bring their products to life and that means printing them. Enter Avery. As the leader in labels, Avery helps ReciPal users reach their end goal of creating beautiful, compliant food packaging. Avery’s design tool makes it easy for users to take their nutrition fact panel and combine it with other artwork, barcodes, or any additional elements to complete their label design.

Like ReciPal, Avery has options for businesses of all sizes and the flexibility and customer service to help everyone achieve their goals. Together we’re able to help food entrepreneurs share their passion with the world.

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