Customer Spotlight: Suga Water

Suga Water Beverages Avery Labels

In this Avery customer spotlight, Suga Water, a thriving lemonade brand, shares the recipe for a young entrepreneur’s success for her small business and why she chose Avery for her product labeling. Started by  9-year-old A’Sauni McClure as a humble lemonade stand, Suga Water has grown into a flourishing small business.

How did you get started?

My journey into entrepreneurship began at the age of five when I started selling lemonade at garage sales. The next step, encouraged by my parents, sparked a conversation about what I might sell if I ever owned a business. My answer was always the same: lemonade and lip gloss.

By the age of nine, with the support of my parents, we began searching for a manufacturer to develop a unique formula for my products. Fast forward three years, and I now offer 10 delicious flavors of Suga Water lemonade that sell out weekly. 

What is your biggest Suga Water success?

The support from my community has been my biggest success. This support, and opportunities to feature my product in three different stores, has had a huge impact on my progress. 

What has been the biggest challenge?

The greatest challenge I’ve faced has been securing a co-packing and distribution company. This step is important for expanding production and reaching a wider market.  

Why did you choose Avery labels?

The decision to use Avery labels was influenced by my father’s experience with branding. He recommended Avery because of their quality, which he believed was perfect for the presentation of my lemonade labels.  McClure uses Glossy White Film for her beverages.

Do you have any special labeling tips and tricks?

One piece of advice I’d love to share is the importance of studying the branding of a product similar to yours that you admire. See what makes it stand out and how it presents itself to the world. 

What are your plans for the future?

Looking ahead, I want to secure a larger location for my store and an event center where we can host various events such as birthday parties, baby showers, and graduations. 

For more information watch this CBS News feature on McClure.

To order products, visit Suga Water Beverages.