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Turning Pain Into Gain with CBD Products

Many businesses begin in someone’s dreams – when they have the next big idea. For our Customer Spotlight, Holistic Hemp Healing, the business began from the seeds of pain and a need to heal.

Corey Pease and his wife Denika, started the company after Corey, a certified personal trainer and strongman athlete, suffered a spinal injury that left him dealing with a great deal of pain.

Corey didn’t want to subject his body to the painkillers and opioids that his doctors suggested. So instead, the pair began researching more natural, holistic alternatives to help with his pain.

That’s when they came across Cannabidiol, or CBD as it’s better known to the masses. After a lot of research and trying it for his own pain, the couple was amazed at the results.

Wanting to share the results with as many people as possible, Holistic Hemp Healing was born. The couple’s goal is to educate consumers on a more natural way to heal and offer premium, safe CBD products.

What CBD products they sell

The company’s catalog features a wide range of CBD products to help a variety of needs. Holistic Hemp Healing carries full-spectrum CBD elixirs, pharmaceutical-grade, water-soluble elixirs, handmade soaps, and bath bombs. They also have a range of CBD edibles, lotions, salves, and sprays for pain and pet products.

The business only sources their cannabidiol from a network of registered hemp farmers in the U.S., and the CBD is CO2 extracted, processed, and provided to them in its purest form.

Tile images from Holistic Hemp Healing website of available products
Holistic Hemp Healing not only sells CBD products on their own e-commerce site but also develops sites for other CBD product retailers.

A commitment to education

A major component of the company’s business model is educating consumers about CBD and the different benefits it can provide. Their goal is to not only help people learn about the many physical and mental advantages of CBD, but also teach them how to determine which products are from reliable sources and which are not. 

They teach customers how to read CBD product labels and what they should look for. They’ve provided insight and education about CBD products to health advisory boards, medical professionals, and at fitness expos.

“It’s important that people who need CBD for its medicinal benefits get a product that they can actually depend on.”

Corey Pease

Whether they buy from them or not, the Peases want to make sure people aren’t spending money on inferior products or ones that won’t help them. 

Along with educating consumers, they also help retail companies by providing their premium CBD products at wholesale rates. They educate their retailers the same way they educate their customers. That way they can answer customer questions with confidence and ease.

Holistic Hemp Healing also provides its retailers with branded product displays and marketing materials. This offers helpful, easy-to-read information for the retailers and their CBD customers.

Holistic Hemp Healing product display that they provide to retailers of their CBD oils, creams, supplements, soap and more
Holistic Hemp Healing provides retailers with CBD product displays and educational information for customers. The company uses custom printed film roll labels for all of its products to resist oils.

What CBD labels work best for HHH

Having an eye-catching and informative label is extremely important in the success of any herbal supplement. Because they are dealing with oils, Corey relies on white film roll labels that his company applies by machine. For anyone starting out with foods or oil-based products, film labels are what he recommends.

“Get the protective white film,” Corey said. “It’s worth the money to keep your product looking new. “

The company’s CBD product labels have evolved over time. For this reason, Corey likes the design flexibility, quality, and wide range of label sizes that Avery WePrint offers. They also use WePrint to create custom labels for their clients that are venturing into the CBD industry for the first time.  One of Corey’s top recommendations is: Find a printing company that provides excellent customer service.

“We have had a lot of pain with other printing companies but have had zero issues with [Avery WePrint],” Corey said. “Due to being extremely busy, it’s a pain if a printing company messages you back that they need to correct this or that on your file. But the few times we have had this issue, it’s corrected and the Avery staff will message me the corrected version so I can save it for future use.” 

Look for Holistic Hemp Healing to expand its offerings with some unique pet products and other interesting line extensions in the future.

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