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Fertile grounds coffee

It all started with an idea 20 years ago. Before marriage and kids, Corey and Tate Cockerill had dreams of building a coffee shop that didn’t cater to your typical coffee shop regulars. Instead, they wanted to focus on the community – the local farmers. The hard-working farmers that make up the vast majority of coffee drinkers in the Cokerills’ southwestern Ohio home.

“Farmers are the best kind to sit down with and have a cup or two,” said Corey.

Fast-forward to 2017

Fertile Grounds coffee mug with company founder

Living on a grain farm, the Cockerills became part of the community they’d envisioned serving years earlier. So they took the plunge, bought a coffee truck, and created a mobile coffee roaster. But this was not your average coffee truck. Their coffee wagon can navigate the back roads of Ohio farms while producing the finest, no-nonsense, freshly roasted coffee. And in that spirit and with a nod to the farmers, they named the business Fertile Grounds Coffee and Roastery.

Farm fresh to mug magnificence

It didn’t happen overnight. The Fertile Grounds business came about after rigorous research, that continues today. From farming fresh coffee beans to testing different roasting techniques, the couple worked tirelessly to perfect their product.

“Each day we have the opportunity to experiment in the ‘lab’ is an adventure, discovering hidden elements in each bean,” said Corey.

Once the Fertile Grounds coffee wagon hit the road, it didn’t take long for them to build a loyal following. The couple has connected with their coffee-loving community in a very personal and hands-on way. And they stay committed to upholding the Fertile Grounds’ motto that their coffee is roasted and brewed “in the spirit of community.”

Serving up a great label

Fertile Ground Coffee & Roastery products using custom labels by Avery WePrint printing services

The Cockerills had to determine how to present the quality of their product with impressive yet approachable product packaging. They wanted to convey the no-nonsense image of their brand. So they chose characteristics of mid-century modern design such as a minimalist color palette with natural hues, clean lines, and an understated look. With the help of Avery WePrint, they were able to easily achieve their desired look. They chose a 3” x 5” matte label as it was a perfect fit for both the ½-pound and full-pound coffee bags. The labels also so resist water and oil, which is perfect for repelling the oils from the coffee beans.

WePrint has been a productive tool and service for the Fertile Grounds business because they can save all of their designs and quickly reorder at any time. Plus, it only takes minutes to tweak existing labels for seasonal or specialty products.

“Avery is my go-to label company for its ease of use, consistent quality and rapid shipment options,“ said Corey. “I never panic when I run short on labels, because the reorder process is super simple.”

Grinding away

What’s next for Fertile Grounds? The couple continues to experiment with different roast varieties and invent new flavors. Various local vendors continue to place Fertile Grounds coffee on store shelves, which allows the company to continue selling during the off-season. Distribution expanded as their coffee beans were picked up by a local market in Ohio. Additionally, the company partners with a candy maker to sell chocolate-covered espresso beans.

Fertile Grounds Coffee Truck

The Cockerills remain committed to staying local, selling their products through mobile service, catering, and several community bakeries and shops in Ohio. The entrepreneurial spirit of this growing village market presents a creative opportunity for Fertile Grounds, and Corey and Tate are thrilled to be a part of it.

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