About Us: Ian

Ian wallace Avery WePrint

Account Services Manager

My name is Ian Wallace and I’m the Account Services Manager for WePrint, the professional printing division of Avery Products.

I’m from a small Southern California family with just one sister. I was born in Torrance and grew up in Rossmoor. I love fishing and working on my boat, creating art, playing with my dog, working on my house and yard, and tinkering in the garage.

My life in labels

I earned my BFA with a graphic design emphasis from Cal State Fullerton. While I was in college, I was heavily involved in the printmaking department which is where I became more interested in printing and the technology behind it.

I was fortunate enough to land a job at a really great label company in Southern California where I managed the prepress department. That company showed me what a great company culture looks like. They had digital and flexographic capabilities. The company was very wine-centric and I learned a lot about labels and the printing process and all the bells and whistles (jewelry) you can add to a wine label.

Seeking to expand my knowledge, I moved on to manage the prepress department for another label company. That company had a lot more presses and did a lot of different things including shrink sleeves, plate making, extended content labels, piggyback labels, pouches, sachets and a handful of other processes. During my time there I not only enhanced my knowledge of labels and printing but I learned a ton about color theory and color management. The end result was that we were able to achieve consistent color matches on all seven presses. This allowed us to move jobs between presses and not have a color variance.

When Avery reached out to me about a position, I thought it would be a perfect fit. I currently work alongside and manage our great Account Services team. We’re responsible for nurturing our larger clients as well as helping solve technical challenges from both internal and external customers. My main job is to keep our customers happy. Our overarching goal is to balance our capabilities and solutions with our customers’ expectations.

Why I love my job

First off, I am able to help customers every day. There is something very rewarding and gratifying about being able to provide and deliver a solution to a customer. We regularly receive great feedback from our accounts and it gives all of us a good feeling to know that we were able to solve their problems.

Another great aspect of working for WePrint is the Avery brand and its history. There is such a rich label history at Avery. I learn new things every day about our products.  It is also fun to see how many different industries we serve, help and provide solutions to. From medical labels and anti-counterfeiting labels to food and beverage and CBD labels, our customers span many diverse industries.

Another aspect that I truly love about working for WePrint is the collaborative approach that everyone takes. We truly are a team at WePrint and I believe it shows in our ability to serve our customers and the solutions we come up with. From call center agents and production personnel to copywriters, social media managers and software development teams, we all share the same goal. To help solve customer problems and provide that solution with a top-notch experience.

I said it after my first month at Avery and the sentiment still holds true today.

“Every day I am so grateful to work and be a part of this team. It is a privilege to work with some of the smartest, most knowledgeable, and most genuinely nice people I have ever worked with.”