File Folder Labels, Protected Documents

Organize Your Files with Colored Labels

Documents will be easy to access with an organized filing system. Just use colored file labels and assign a color to each of you categories.

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Step 1: Create Categories

Instructions: Organize your loose documents and paperwork into categories. Separate the documents into two stacks: one for frequently used documents and another that will be filed away.

Step 2: Customize Labels

Instructions: Customize Avery File Folder Labels with your designated categories using the template found in your desktop software or at Avery Design & Print Online for documents that will be stored in a filing cabinet.

Step 3: Print and Apply Labels

Instructions: Print and apply to file folders. Using color can make your filing system more efficient. Keep a key that lists the colors that are assigned to each category.

Step 4: Protect Documents

Instructions: For frequently used documents that you’ll keep at your desk for easy access, protect them and make them last longer by placing them into Avery Heavy Duty Plastic Sleeves.