Looking for wristbands and other health screening products?

Our sister company ID&C Band offers a variety of other screening products like wristbands in a wide selection of materials, event passes and more. While we no longer facilitate orders for these products through Avery.com, we encourage you to visit ID&C's website to browse solutions that are right for you and your workplace.

Help Ensure the Safety of Your Employees When They Return to Work

Be ready to protect your employees with a strategic plan for returning to work safely. As the situation with COVID-19 develops and changes daily, many regions are permitting some companies to return to work with proper safety practices in place.

Start with a few simple practices recommended by the CDC for protecting yourself and others during the coronavirus pandemic. Anything you can do that reduces the spread of germs can make a world of difference for your employees.

Monitor Health

Be prepared to screen employees for COVID-19 symptoms such as fever, cough or shortness of breath and track admittance to your facility.

Provide name badges with color-coded labels to each employee to let others know that they have been screened and approved to return to work. You can also order custom wristbands & custom badge ribbons to quickly identify screened employees, vendors and visitors in your facility.

Cover Mouths & Noses

Face masks and other coverings can offer respiratory protection and help reduce the spread of germs. We offer KN95 respirator face masks with a 95% filtration rate, as well as disposable face masks, reusable cloth face masks and plastic face shields.

Wash Hands Often

Ensure employees are reminded to wash hands often with effective handwashing techniques. Use durable removable signage to post important germ-prevention signs that can be wiped down and sanitized during regular cleaning and disinfecting.

Practice Social Distancing

Help employees avoid close contact by maintaining effective social distancing with visual cues throughout out your facility. Vinyl non-slip floor decals can be used as directional signs to maintain social distancing, marking safe areas to stop and wait and communicate other COVID-19 safety messaging.

Communicate New Policies:

Our free online design software makes it easy to create custom messaging for social distancing, designating pre-screening areas and more. We also offer table and floor standing COVID-19 health and safety signs that can be customized with your company logo.

Implement Engineering Controls Where Possible:

Engineering controls are physical changes that help reduce the spread of germs. For example re-configuring workstations and providing physical barriers to help employees safely return to work. Learn more about reducing the spread of germs in manufacturing facilities