Protect Employees with the Right Face Covering

Fight against the spread of coronavirus and help your employees return to work safely with proper face coverings. Order disposable respirators and face masks as well as reusable custom-printed cloth face masks and clear plastic face shields for facility-wide distribution.

What is the difference between a respirator and regular face mask?

Respirators, such as our disposable KN95 mask, filter out airborne particles to protect the wearer. Regular disposable face masks (for non-medical civilian use), reusable cloth masks and face shields reduce the spread of germs by providing barrier protection against splashes, droplets and saliva.

When to use a respirator:

KN95 respirators are listed by the CDC as suitable respirator alternatives for protecting against coronavirus when N95s are not available. Respirator masks can help protect at-risk employees who cannot work from home.

Respirator face masks are also vital PPE for protecting industrial workers from inhaling haze, dust, pollen and other particles. We offer 5-ply KN95 face masks designed block up to 95% or airborne particles and fit comfortably to ensure proper wearing for maximum protection.

The best way to use face masks for barrier protection:

Disposable and reusable face masks that provide barrier protection (also known as germ masks, flu masks or cough masks) and help reduce the spread of illnesses like the novel coronavirus. Help keep your workers safe and healthy by ensuring all employees have access to adequate face masks and face coverings when returning to work.

Reusable cloth face masks with filter pockets allow the user to add filtration protection as needed. Cloth face masks should be washed after each use according to CDC guidelines for cleaning cloth face coverings. Filters should be replaced according to manufacturer guidelines or as needed.

Also make sure employees know how to wear face masks properly to cover the mouth and nose. Effective germ-prevention signage can help educate workers on face mask requirements, social distancing protocol, proper handwashing and more.

Tips for more comfortable face coverings:

Plastic face shields can be worn in addition to face masks for barrier protection that reduces the spread of germs. In some instances plastic face shields may be required, for example in situations where airborne chemicals can cling to face coverings and create a hazard for employees.

Disposable, cloth and KN95 masks can all be made more comfortable for the wearer with ear savers. We offer silicone ear savers designed to keep face mask straps from rubbing on ears and help face masks fit better.