Pictogram Labels by Avery

Easily update chemical labels to meet GHS standards with durable GHS pictogram labels. Help your employees work safer with quick efficient visual cues on PPE and safety signage. Order custom-printed GHS pictogram labels in a variety of sizes and quantities to fit the needs of your facility.

Order pictogram labels custom printed on as little as two sheets or one roll. No high MOQs, or long lead times. Order just what you need, and get it fast. Choose square or rectangle pictogram labels in an array of sizes and receive your custom-printed pictogram labels in as few as three business days.

Printed on white UltraDuty® label materials, Avery custom-printed pictogram labels are BS5609 compliant. Pictograms are printed on incredibly durable labels constructed with synthetic facestock and strong adhesives. UltraDuty GHS pictogram labels stick securely to metal, plastics, painted surfaces, fiber, polycarbonate and glass, are waterproof, and resist chemical, abrasion and UV damage.

Or print pictogram labels on-demand from your own laser or inkjet printer. Print on UltraDuty blank labels for demanding, heavy-duty workspaces. Pictogram labels printed on UltraDuty blank labels with approved printers meet BS5609 Sec. 3 standards. Print pictogram labels on a variety of other quality Avery blank label products for light-duty environments.

GHS safety pictogram labels are designed to clearly and effectively communicate chemical hazards, despite potential language barriers and/ordifferences in reading levels. Whether updating existing chemical labels to meet GHS standards, or using on equipment, gear and signage, pictogram labels help you communicate hazards more effectively so your employees can work safe.