HMIS & NFPA Labels by Avery

Increase workplace safety awareness with HMIS and NFPA labels that supplement OSHA’s HazCom requirements. Choose from a variety of partially printed, custom-printed and print-yourself HMIS/NFPA labels for flexible solutions you can tailor to your facility or job site.

Convenient partially printed labels you can write on make it easy to quickly complete HMIS and NFPA labeling in areas and job sites with no printer access. Custom-printed HMIS labels and NFPA labels feature low MOQs and fast turnaround. Print on-demand from your own laser or inkjet printer as needed.

Partially printed and custom-printed HMIS and NFPA labels are always printed on incredibly durable UltraDuty® film with strong adhesive for labels that to stand up to demanding environments. HMIS and NFPA labels printed on UltraDuty products are waterproof, resist chemical, abrasion and UV damage and stick securely to metal, plastics, painted surfaces, fiber, polycarbonate and glass.

HMIS label template features ACA-standard hazard rating system with colored bars for health, flammability and reactivity, along with customizable fields for number ratings and required PPE. HMIS labels are ideal for supplementing GHS labels and providing alternate labeling for secondary containers when communicating acute and chronic hazards is needed.

NFPA label template features NFPA 704 diamond with standard blue, yellow, red and white fields. Enter custom numbers to communicate danger levels and custom codes for special precautions in the white diamond . NFPA labels supplement GHS labels and help firefighters and other emergency responders employ necessary precaution.