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WePrint labels include FDA-compliant* adhesives that are safe for indirect food contact. They are suitable for food and beverage labeling applications where the label is separated from the food by a functional barrier such as glass.

Note: This regulation does not mention temperature restrictions, however, Avery recommends that our adhesives should be kept at room temperature or below to be considered food safe. Adhesives exposed to conditions hotter than room temperature may require further migration testing to determine if they are suitable for the application.

If you have any concerns about your application, please call our technical support at (800) 942-8379.

* FDA Compliance: Title 21, Section 175.105 of the Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR 175.105)

Reprintable labels are currently only available in our White & Chrome Film options by adding the Glossy (Printable Laminate) option for thermal transfer printers.

The remainder of our roll labels and sheet labels are not top coated and should not be run through a secondary printing processes.

If you have a custom application, please call our technical support at (800) 942-8379 at or email us at for more assistance.

The way the labels come off the roll is called the unwind direction. If the labels are applied by hand, the unwind direction is not critical. If the labels are applied by a machine or dispenser, then it is very important that you have the proper unwind direction to fit in order to apply the labels correctly on your container or packaging.

Yes, your precision die-cut roll labels are designed to be auto-applied or dispensed by machine if desired.

If you are unsure of the unwind direction or the outer diameter of the roll you need, please don't hesitate to call our technical support at (800) 942-8379 or email us at for assistance.

Yes. We offer both a gloss and matte varnish for our paper labels. The varnish protects the inks from normal wear and scuffing. If you need more protection, we recommend using film/plastic-based labels and laminating them for extra durability.

Yes, we offer film/plastic-based labels with lamination to provide water and moisture resistance and extra durability.

Please see our Material Specifications for more information.

Laminates are thin layers of film applied to the label surface. You would want to laminate your labels if you need them to be durable and waterproof. It's the only way to truly protect the ink from moisture, cleaners or scuffing. We currently offer lamination on film and plastic labels.

Varnish is a liquid coating applied onto the label surface. Varnish is only available on our paper-based labels.

Please see our Material Specifications for more information.

Bleed and Safe Areas are included to make sure your art prints correctly on your labels, so artwork and text is not cut off.

Our adhesives are warrantied for one year with proper storage.

Yes. It's really easy to choose the WePrint option. At the Preview & Print screen, select the WePrint tab or click I'm Ready. You'll be taken back to the Customize screen to review your design and layout and make any adjustments. Continue to the Preview & Print screen to finish the WePrint process.

Note: WePrint is available for our most popular labels and cards. If you don't see the WePrint option for your product on the Preview & Print screen, the product is not currently available through the WePrint service.

We offer a wide variety of popular shapes and sizes. See our Roll Label Catalog for a list of available shapes and sizes.

If you don't see what you're looking for, please call our technical support at (800) 942-8379 or email us at for a custom quote.

Check out our Artwork Guidelines to see how to easily upload your own artwork into our online software. You can also use the free Avery Design & Print software to personalize one of our professional designs.

If you have questions concerning artwork, please call technical support at (800) 942-8379 at or email us at for more assistance.