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To keep your printer's ink from smearing on your labels, be sure to always use inkjet products with an inkjet printer and laser products with a laser printer.

Note: Some of our glossy products take a minute to dry, so please wait before you touch the printing.

Our clear label products are made with polyester film face stocks. Inkjet and laser technologies require entirely different coatings for printing on films. Clear laser labels meet all of the requirements to run on standard desktop laser printers but they cannot be printed on an inkjet printer. Avery has a full line of inkjet products that meet the special demands of inkjet printers.

Sheet labels should only be fed through a laser or inkjet printer once. Our guarantee of jam-free performance extends only to a sheet of labels that has been though a laser printer a single time. The heat and tight paper path of a laser printer can cause the label to curl after multiple passes through the printer. This could cause the label to jam or peel off inside the printer and result in an expensive repair bill.

When you need to print small quantities of labels, try Avery Mini-Sheets™ Labels, which are the same high-quality labels, in a convenient smaller-sized sheet.

To learn more about how to pick the right label for your project, check out our guide here.

The shelf life of Avery labels can vary greatly depending on environmental conditions like heat, humidity, etc.  Most labels usually last two to three years. However, if a person's definition of "shelf life" is really "lifespan,"  our laser and inkjet labels have a lifespan of 10 -15 years.

Our TrueBlock technology offers an opaque backing on the label that completely blocks out any writing or markings underneath so your boxes, envelopes and containers have a neat and professional appearance.  

Avery Repositionable Labels feature our Re-hesive Technology® which makes it possible to remove and reapply labels without damaging the label or envelope. The adhesive becomes permanent over time and is guaranteed not to fall off.

All of our standard adhesives are FDA approved for indirect food contact. If you have a custom application with special requirements, please call technical support at (800) 942-8379 at or email us at for more assistance.

The adhesive used on our white laser labels is an acrylic emulsion-based permanent adhesive. This type of adhesive is suitable for general purpose adhesion to most papers, envelopes, corrugated shipping containers, file folders, bare and painted metal, polypropylene and polyethylene bags. Our clear laser label products use a solvent-based permanent adhesive which is also suitable for general purpose applications.

Note: Our laser name badges should not be used on leather, suede, corduroy, velvet, silk, vinyl and plastic. These labels can be applied and then removed from most other fabrics. 

Cut Pressure Multi Cut Blade Type
White Sticker Paper 139 Off Regular
Clear Sticker Paper 139 Off Regular
Glossy Clear Sticker Paper 139 Off Regular
Gold Sticker Paper 230 Off Regular
Silver Sticker Paper 230 Off Regular