Difference Between Laser And Inkjet Products
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Difference Between Laser and Inkjet Products

To get the best print results, use laser products with laser printers and inkjet products with inkjet printers.

Be sure you know what type of printer you have so you purchase the correct product.  If you are unsure if your printer is laser or inkjet, we suggest going to the printer manufacturer's website or contacting the printer manufacturer directly for the most accurate information. A general rule is that if you change ink cartridges, your printer is an inkjet.  If you change large toner cartridges, it is a laser printer.

Here's how you can differentiate an Avery laser product from an Avery inkjet product.

Laser products will have a pink bar that says Laser, usually near the bottom right of the package.  Avery laser products work with both color and monochrome (black only) printers.

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Inkjet products will have a blue bar that says Inkjet.

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We also carry products that work for both inkjet and laser printers. The packages will have both Laser and Inkjet bars.
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Follow the instructions for printing labels or cardstock.  If you are unable to locate those settings please contact your printer manufacturer to further assist you.

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