Formatting Ticket Stub
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Formatting the Ticket Stub in Design & Print Online and Offline 16154

The process for creating the stub is different in Design & Print Online and Offline versions. Here's how to find the stub in each program:
Design & Print Online You can design both the ticket and the stub on the Design & Print Online Customize screen. The pink line represents the perforation separating the ticket from the stub. Don't worry, the pink line won't print.

User-added image
  • On the right side of your screen, you will see your mini-preview, the Navigator. 

User-added image

  • Click into the square box located to the left or right side of the ticket. (see below)
  • Then use the Text and Image tools on the left to customize your tickets.  

Note:  you can use Copy and Paste if you want the same elements on the ticket and the stub. If you'd like to add sequential numbers or letters, go to the left side toolbar select Sequential Numbers.

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