Sequential Numbers Or Letters
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Sequential Numbers / Letters

In Design & Print Online, step 3, Customize: 

Look to the left side column and click onto the more button with the three-round circle's Icon User-added image

Then select Sequential Numbers, below User-added image

 Fill in the Start & End Value in the drop-down fields. The example below

After entering your numbers, click onto Add Sequential Numbers at the bottom User-added image

Look at your miniature-template at the top right side of the screen to preview the updated numbering. 

To Edit your sequential numbers:

Click inside the text box with Sequential Numbers so that your number highlights green.
Sequential Number options will pull out from the left
Make your changes
Click Edit Sequential Numbers to view your new changes

User-added image

To Add Zeros before each sequential number:
In the Leading Zeros box add the number of spaces

To Add Numbers BEFORE the sequential numbers:
Type the numbers in the Prefix box
(ie: adding 123 will add 123 before EVERY sequential number

To add numbers after the sequential numbers:
Type the numbers in the Suffix box
(ie: adding 123 will add 123 after every sequential number)


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