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Order top-quality wedding invitations your way. Do you have a beautiful design you want to have printed on your invitations? Simply upload the design & Avery will professionally print them for you on high-quality cardstock & ship them in as few as 2 days.

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What should wedding invitations include?

Your wedding invitations should include:

  • A request for attendance
  • The names of the couple getting married
  • The date, time and location of event
  • RSVP instructions
  • Additional information such as the website address and your gift registry
  • Do these wedding invitations come with envelopes?

    Yes, our wedding invitations come with free envelopes. We do have many different styles of card products, so make sure sure you select invitations or one of our other card products that include envelopes.

    Is it cheaper to buy wedding invitations or make them yourself?

    Printing your own wedding stationery may be more affordable than having them printed by a professional printer, but that doesn't mean it will be faster or easier. Be sure to give yourself time and patience when printing wedding invitations at home because it can get a little complicated.

    Please reach out to our helpful customer care team at 800-942-8379 if you need help printing your own wedding invitations or designing and ordering custom wedding invitations from WePrint.

    How many months before a wedding should you send invitations?

    You can send your save-the-date cards as early as a year in advance of your wedding date. Your invitations should be sent six to eight weeks in advance of your wedding. Destination wedding invites shoud be sent three months in advance of the wedding.

    What is the average cost of 100 wedding invitations?

    The cost of 100 wedding invitations will vary greatly depending on a variety of factors such as the quality of materials, whether you use a designer or do it yourself with online tools, the printing method you select, and other items like envelopes and RSVP cards. On average, couples will spend about $150 for 100 wedding invitations. However, it's important to keep in mind that this is just an estimate and the actual cost can be lower or much higher depending on what you choose. To get an accurate estimate, add the card you would like to your Avery cart to find the best option that fits within your budget.

    How many wedding invitations should I order?

    When ordering invitations, it's important to consider several factors to determine how many you need. The size of your guest list is obviously the key factor. Take into account how many couples or families you'll be inviting versus individual guests. You typically would send one invitation per household or per couple, while individual guests receive their own invitations.

    Make sure to include a few extra invitations to your order for last-minute guest additions or for keepsakes. You should also consider ordering a few extras for potential damage to an invite or errors when addressing envelopes. Generally, it's recommended to order 10-15% more invitations than the number of guests on your list. However, with Avery, it's easy to reorder more invitations 24/7 and they'll be shipped in as few as 2 days.

    How are wedding invitations worded?

    Wedding invitation wording etiquette is pretty standard, but you can also set your own style. The basic etiquette is:

  • Spell out all dates, ex. "Sunday, the third of September/two thousand twenty-four"
  • Capitalize only the day of the week and month, not the year or day
  • Spell out times, ex. "two o’clock in the afternoon" or "half past five o’clock in the evening"
  • Spell out addresses like "Street" "Road" and states like "Minnesota" or "Florida"
  • Don't add zip codes to formal invitations. If very specific directions are needed, include details on an insert card or on wedding website
  • Remove punctuation from the end of a line. Use line-breaks between phrases as punctuation
  • Do you want a dress code? Include an optional line somewhere on the invite like "black tie attire" "cocktail attire" "beach formal"

  • In today's world, these etiquette rules may seem outdated, so feel free to create your own style and phrasing. It's your wedding.

    How should I address my wedding invitations?

    Addressing wedding invitations ultimately comes down to your preferences and how formal your wedding is. General tips to consider for addressing:

  • For married couples, formal invitations should use "Mr." and "Mrs." followed by the husband's full name Mr. and Mrs. Steve Williams. A modern option, is to include both first names individually, ex. Mr. Steve Williams and Mrs. Nicole Williams.
  • For unmarried couples that are living together or couples who have different last names, their full names should be listed on one or two lines.
  • For families, you have several addressing options. You can address the entire family together – "The Williams Family" or you can include the children with their names listed below the parents.

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