Lollipop Labels - Blank & Custom Printed

Order blank & custom lollipop-shaped labels that you can personalize for lid seals, envelope labels & for all your jars, boxes or bottles. Layer your lollipop label under your product label for extra security.

Buy superior lollipop-shaped labels from Avery labels

Order superior blank or custom lollipop-shaped labels in minutes from Avery labels, the inventor of self-adhesive labels. With Avery lollipop labels the choice is yours on how you order your online labels. We offer both printable lollipop labels by the sheet and professionally printed lollipop labels, all of which you can order online 24/7, 365.

Avery lollipop labels have been rigorously tested and are 100% guaranteed. Try our lollipop seals for products and packaging, for addressing party invites or as labels on party favors for special events. Our seamless online system lets you order and personalize your lollipop labels online and then print them yourself or order custom lollipop labels from Avery WePrint, our professional printing service. Check out Printing Your Own Labels vs. Professional Printing to see what's best for you.

Order blank or custom lollipop-shaped labels & stickers from Avery WePrint professional printing service

Order premium materials and finishes for your lollipop-shaped labels & stickers

Order premium, professionally printed lollipop seals

The Avery WePrint service ensures quality at every quantity whether you want one sheet of lollipop labels or thousands. With WePrint, you can get your projects done right the first time with help from the label experts. All WePrint labels are printed on top-of-the-line HP Indigo Digital Presses. You can choose from hundreds of materials and finishes to get the exact label or sticker you need.

Avery lollipop seals are available in wide selection of premium materials and finishes. From our standard matte white paper to waterproof films and sleek foils you can find a material to fit the look you want. If you are looking for more than just lollipop labels or you need a custom size or shape, we can do that for you too at no extra cost. And you can order in flexible quantities with no hidden fees for plates, dies and setup. And even better, your order ships in as few as three business days.

Print your lollipop-shaped labels from home

Buy printable lollipop seals by the sheet that you can print on your schedule. Whether you need just one sheet or thousands, ordering Avery blank labels by the sheet gives you ultimate flexibility. Our blank lollipop seal stickers are designed to work with most standard inkjet or laser printers, so there’s no special equipment needed to print your own labels.

Avery printable lollipop-shaped stickers are available in a wide selection of premium materials. From our standard matte white paper and vibrant neon colors to waterproof films and sleek foils you can find a material to fit the look you want.

Print your own lollipop-shaped labels & stickers with Avery labels

Easily personalize your lollipop-shaped labels & stickers with free Avery templates

Easily customize & order your labels online

You can easily personalize your lollipop seals using our professional templates, or upload your own logo or personal artwork to showcase your product or special event. Choose one of our free designs or use a blank template to upload your artwork and customize your way.

Simply order the labels you need online and then print them from an inkjet or laser printer or have your custom printed lollipop labels delivered in as few as three business days. No matter what you’re labeling, there is an Avery label for the job.

Top-rated customer service

With Avery, you can get your projects done right the first time with our help from the label experts. Avery invented self-adhesive labels and we continue that innovation today in order to ensure that you’re set up for success. Avery products are always 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

If you have any questions or need any help designing and ordering lollipop-shaped labels, please reach out to our amazing Customer Care Team at (800) 942-8379 or by chat. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is based in California and can help walk you through creating and ordering your labels and much more.

Avery customer service is top-rated and satisfaction is guaranteed