Table Tent Cards & Place Cards

Order blank or custom printed tent cards & place cards for communicating social distancing messaging on counters & tabletops. Easily customize your tent cards using our free templates. Great for stores, hospitals, pharmacies, offices & more.

Promote social distancing with table tent & place cards

Avery printable tent cards and custom printed tent cards and place cards are made with premium cardstock and perfect for a variety of uses. Whether for communicating social distancing messaging, germ prevention or health and safety best practices, you can choose from a variety of sizes and cardstock offerings to fit your exact need during COVID 19.

For instance, if you own a restaurant, you can help your customers maintain safe distance by placing tent cards on tables at least six feet apart from each other. A great option for food establishments, especially restaurants with walk-in seating, is to display tent cards on recently cleaned tables, with messages such as "this table has been sanitized" to help guide customers to safe seating. You can also place tent cards on tables that are not in use to prevent customers from sitting too close to others.

Use Avery Design & Print Online to customize your table tents with your logo, boxes for loyalty stamps or hole punches & safety reminders about social distancing & sanitization.

p>Avery offers printable tent cards in different quantities, materials & styles that you can print on demand. Products like 5305 & 5309 table tent cards are large enough to be seen from a distance. You can also order custom tent cards in a variety of sizes and materials. Just customize your tent cards using our free templates and order online.