Make a Trade Show Raffle

Everything is better when it’s a prize. And a giveaway gets immediate attention at a trade show. Use Avery Business Cards to create entry forms that attendees fill out and place in a bowl or box for a drawing. Use them later to update your mailing list.

Step 1: Open template

Choose from one of our predesign raffle tickets in Avery Design & Print Online.

Step 2: Personalize and print

Personalize the tickets, then print on Avery Business Cards and separate

Step 3: Ready the raffle

Place a stack of entry forms next to a large glass bowl or see-through box inside the entrance to your booth. Position the drawing so they need to come inside to enter and you’ll be set.

Author: Nichole Onesko

Nichole is the Account Relationship Developer and Trade Show Coordinator for Avery Products WePrint division. She has been with the company for nearly six years and knows labels like the back of her hand. Her time is focused on sharing her knowledge of labels with customers and planning and executing Avery WePrint Tradeshows. She handles everything from creating the booth, creating content to share at the booth, logistics, booth experience, etc...