5 Product Marketing Tips for Your Business

5 Product Marketing Tips for small businesses

Important things to consider when planning your product marketing

Product marketing simply means any marketing communication that is focused exclusively on a product, as opposed to your overall brand messaging. It’s important to market your product in the most impactful way. Here are 5 product marketing tips you should consider when planning your product marketing strategy.

1. What problem does your product solve?

When planning your product marketing strategy, think about infomercials with the cheesy dramatization of washing your car or peeling vegetables. You see them and roll your eyes but you also think, “I really do hate peeling vegetables, a gadget like that would make it way easier.”

Don’t lie to yourself. You have at one point purchased or wanted a product as seen on TV. That’s because they are good at showing you a problem, then a solution. You can’t imagine facing vegetables without that gadget again.

2. How is your product different?

Does your product have a feature that sets it apart from similar products on the market? Why should someone buy your product instead of another? Is it price point, quality or design? Don’t be afraid to compare your products indirectly to the competition.

Statements such as, “unlike other products, our products are made with this [unique feature] to make them even more useful” are informative and persuasive. They also do the work for the consumer. Now they don’t have to go look at the competition to find the differences, you’ve already done it for them.

3. What are your customers saying?

Using social proof is a powerful way to promote your products. Customers are more inclined to believe other people than the brand trying to sell them something. Your customers are your best salespeople! 

Reviews and testimonials are hugely persuasive for potential customers. Don’t have reviews? Use previous sales performance to show your product is well-liked. “Best Seller” and “Back in Stock” convey that this product is popular, and creates a sense of urgency to purchase. Another way of using social proof is through statements of volume such as “Join thousands of satisfied customers.”

4. Show – don’t tell

Show your product in action. Ideally, that would be using video but you can find other creative ways to show your product in use.

Pictures and infographics are a great way to show how your products work. If your product doesn’t “do” anything, show it in an aspirational use. Provide a visual of your product in use that allows consumers to imagine owning it themselves. Think about a model home. People get to see how the house could look when it’s lived in, not just the bare walls and ceilings.

5. Don’t get bored with your product marketing

This one can be so hard to remember but you need to repeat the same thing over and over to make it stick with your consumers. Repetition is key.

Remember that you are likely the only person who reads every ad, every email, every postcard, and every brochure you put out. It can be tempting to try to come up with something new and “exciting” but what you’re actually doing is causing confusion. Pick a message and be consistent.

The biggest companies in the world keep their product messaging consistent for decades. I bet even you can finish these famous slogans:

  • M&Ms – Melts in your mouth, not…
  • Target – Expect More….
  • Wheaties – Breakfast of…
  • Allstate – You’re in…
  • Nike – I don’t even need to start this one for you.

So try to keep your messaging consistent, at least for a while.