3 Tools for Creating a Simple and Effective Travel Binder

Organizing travel for your executives can be challenging, whether you’re brand new to travel planning or a seasoned pro. From coordinating the countless details, to handling spur-of-the-moment emergencies like delayed or canceled flights, travel planning is an ongoing responsibility. But, there are several things you can do to organize travel plans in a way that makes the trip less stressful and more enjoyable for your travelers.

Once the travel plans are confirmed, it’s essential to assemble a travel binder for your executive’s trip as it will help you organize all of the aspects of the trip in one convenient place.

Two images of items used to create a travel binder for business. The first image shows a Avery binder 15766 with a cover that reads "Annual Leadership Conference. Honolulu, HI, March 8-12th. There is a company logo at the top of the binder cover insert. Next to that is a photo Avery corner lock document sleeves 72262 used to organize a map, plane tickets, travel itinerary and a conference brochure.
Avery binder 15766 and document sleeves 72262.

The Avery Flexi-Cover Binders are one of my top picks because they are a flexible, durable plastic that keeps the materials looking neat and presentable. They are also lightweight and pliable, which makes them great for fitting into outside pockets of your carry-on bags.

Keeping track of receipts while traveling is no longer a burden with Avery’s assortment of binder accessories. These corner lock, plastic document sleeves are great for capturing receipts in one convenient place in the travel binder. And the corner lock feature protects important papers from getting damaged and keeps them secure at the same time.

Two examples of dividers used to organize the contents of a business travel binder. One photo shows someone labeling all the tabs of a set of dividers at once using Avery Print & Apply dividers 11418. The image shows how the printed labels are in one strip that aligns with the divider tabs so they're evenly aligned and applied in one go. The other image shows Avery Easy View dividers 16740 which are clear so you can see through to the documents underneath.
Avery Print & Apply Dividers 11418 and durable clear plastic dividers 16740.

The Avery Easy View Durable Plastic Dividers are great because you can reuse them over and over again. You insert the tabbed dividers into your binder and place the table of contents in a sheet protector at the back of the binder, which shows through your clear tabs. If there are last-minute changes to your trip, just reprint the table of contents sheet on a letter size sheet of paper for the back of the binder, and you’re done. These tabs are awesome for travel because they can withstand the wear and tear while maintaining a very professional look.

If you prefer a printed tab divider, you can rarely go wrong with these Avery Print & Apply Clear Label Dividers. They are a quick and simple solution for creating professional, double-sided tabs that are tear resistant and durable enough to withstand a lot of travel.

Then when they return, retrieve the travel binder and all receipts for processing expense reports and following up on any other action items from the trip.

Using these Avery tools, you’ll be able to create a durable and reusable travel binder that makes preparing for a big trip efficient while keeping the travel details organized and your documents protected no matter what.

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