How to Put Together an Efficient Recordkeeping System

Oh, the frustration of hunting for lost paperwork. You know, that piece of paper that was JUST THERE a little while ago, but now is nowhere to be found?

Although you can't recover the time spent searching for missing documents, there's a simple way you can make them easier to find next time. Here are some tips on how to create an efficient system to organize your paperwork.

How to Put Together an Efficient Recordkeeping SystemCustomized dividers organize your paperwork, and Ultra Tabs® self-adhesive tabs mark specific pages.

Easy to organize

Keeping records sounds simple enough—you collect them and save them for reference later, right? But as you gather more and more information, making sure they’re organized means your records will be easier to file away now and find later.

    With customized dividers, you can set up your own ideal recordkeeping system. Here are some examples of how you might organize your records:
  • For construction: by project number or client
  • For event planning: by client name, type of event or vendor service
  • For legal: by case number, client name or type of case
  • For medical: by patient name, record number or insurance provider
  • For sales: by part number, manufacturer or order date

Custom dividers are easy to create with free templates on Avery Design & Print Online. Find the template for your dividers product, type in the text you want on your dividers and print the clear labels to apply on your divider tabs.

Watch it: How to create custom Index Maker® Dividers

Easy to assemble

Now add your dividers and paperwork inside a binder. You can create custom covers and spines for your binder with Avery Design & Print Online. Under “Start a New Project” enter “00000” in the box for the Avery product number. Then find the template you need, customize and print. If you use more than one binder, adding a binder cover and spine to each of them makes it easier to identify the binder you need at a glance.

Easy to look professional

Keeping your records organized not only saves you time, it’s also a reflection of the quality of your work and work ethic to others (hint: the head honcho of your organization).

With your custom recordkeeping system, you can stay on top of all your paperwork and give your work a buttoned-up appearance. Who wants to waste valuable time tracking down wayward documents and papers? Get organized for efficiency with a custom recordkeeping system that works for you.