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Understanding Safety Data Sheets

Learn about OSHA requirements for SDS, safety data sheet sections, how you can get organized for compliance and more.

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SDS Binder & Right-to-Know Cabinet Solutions

A well-organized SDS station helps workers stay informed and working safely. Our SDS binders (and other supplies for organizing safety data sheets) are ideal for organizing the SDS station or Right-to-Know cabinet in your facility.

Organize your SDS station with confidence

Ensure your safety data sheets are protected from the extra wear and tear of industrial work spaces. Durable Avery Industrial SDS binders are built stand up to heavy-duty environments with thick, sturdy front and back panels.

Use SDS binder dividers that stand up to industrial conditions such as humidity, grease and dust. Our plastic dividers are durable, tear-resistant and easy to wipe clean with pre-punched holes that don’t need extra reinforcing.

SDS binder sheet protectors should also be evaluated for optimal protection for safety data sheets. Choose acid-free and archival-safe page protectors for long-term SDS binders so that you don’t have to worry about the plastic lifting print.

Keep Right-to-Know information readily accessible

Keeping safety data sheets readily accessible is an important part of OSHA HazCom compliance. Our highly visible red and yellow SDS binders are designed to draw attention so employees can find them quickly with no additional labeling.

One-touch binder rings open and close with ease, making it quicker and easier to access and update sheets. SDS binder dividers with preprinted, write-on and printable divider tabs give you more options for efficient SDS organization that helps workers find the info they need, fast.

Stay informed on SDS & chemical safety topics

Supplementing your SDS station with additional chemical safety information is always beneficial. Whether you’re learning how to add QR code labels to SDS binders for more in-depth chemical info or staying on top of OSHA announcements, the Avery Industrial resource section is a great place to start.

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