Tips for printing labels with Microsoft Word

Here's how to ensure your Avery products align propertly on the page:

  1. Be sure to use genuine Avery products - non-Avery products are not optimized for our templates, and are not manufactured to our specifications.
  2. Print first on a plain sheet of paper to be sure you are satisfied with your design and the alignment. This also can help determine which way to feed the product into your printer.
  3. After clicking Print, look in the Print dialog box for Properties or Preferences and change the Paper type to Labels, Heavyweight or Cardstock. Your printer manufacturer's website will have specific information for your printer.
  4. Tip: In Microsoft Word, a very common issue results from hitting Enter before typing in the first label on the sheet. This action moves the entire table down, which will make the print come out too low on the labels. Avoid this by hitting the space bar on your keyboard before hitting Enter. If you already moved the labels lower, you can make an adjustment using the Ruler feature in Word. If the ruler isn't showing at the top and down the left side of the screen, click on the View menu and check Ruler.

  5. To move your entire design higher or lower on the page, place the cursor on left side of the screen where the Ruler changes from white to gray. An arrow will appear, then click and drag to move that margin up or down.
  6. Similarly, to nudge one or more columns right or left, click and drag on the column margins that appear in the Ruler across the top of the document.
  7. For further assistance, please contact the Avery Consumer Care team at