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If the gridlines are printing, or if they look extremely misaligned, you can change the file type to a .doc (we've only seen this happen in .docx files).  Follow these steps:
 Templates built into Word don't have these problems, so copying and pasting into a built-in template is one option, as long as the label shapes don't get copied over. To stop the gridlines from printing in downloaded templates in Word 2016, choose File, then Options. 
 The third way is to change the setting.  In the Word Options window, choose Display and then un-check the box under Printing Options that says Print drawings created in Word.   Check the box that says Print background colors and images if those are in the document. 
Note: This will also prevent WordArt and Shapes from printing, so re-check after printing if you need to print those types of graphics in other projects.
If you do want the Gridlines to print, you can do that in Word

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