Fabric Transfers

Dark fabric transfers can only be used with dark-colored 100% cotton or poly/cotton blend fabrics. Light fabric transfers can only be used with white or light-colored 100% cotton or poly/cotton blend fabrics. Stretchable fabric transfers are perfect for white or light-colored stretchable synthetic fabrics or synthetic blend fabrics.

For more information on personalizing your t-shirt or other stretchable fabric, go to our Fabric Transfer page.

When our Avery Design & Print Online creates a PDF of your project to print, it will automatically flip your design for you if needed for your Light or Stretchable transfers. We suggest printing a test page of your design on plain paper to check that the image and text are flipped when printed.

If you are using our Dark Fabric Transfers or Printable Fabric, you will not need to flip your design since these are applied with the image face up.

Use an inkjet printer for all Avery Fabric Transfers. These transfers WILL NOT work with a laser printer.

You will need to prep your ironing surface before ironing on the transfer. Use a hard, heat-resistant surface—but DO NOT use an ironing board. Set a cotton pillowcase on the hard surface. Iron the pillowcase and garment first to remove wrinkles before placing the transfer in the desired location on garment and ironing.

The amount of time varies by the size of the transfer and the product. Check the instructions in your Avery package or download a pdf above. Be sure to follow them carefully for best results.

If you see any lifting after allowing the transfer to cool, we suggest ironing over those spots for about 30 seconds. Allow the transfer to cool again and slowly try to peel the backing paper.

If the backing paper is not peeling, try slightly tearing the edge (just the paper only) to help the peeling process:

  • Grip the edge of the transfer and gently bend the sheet until the backing paper tears slightly
  • The transfer may stretch a little but should not tear if only gentle force is applied
  • Remove the paper backing starting at the tear

How to remove a transferred object/image from fabrics:

  • Place an old piece of cotton fabric or towel on a smooth surface or whatever surface that was used to transfer the original image.
  • Place the t-shirt with the transferred image side down on the piece of cotton fabric or towel.
  • Heat up the iron to the highest heat setting for cotton as possible. Reheat the area of the image as before.
  • Immediately separate the t-shirt from the cotton fabric/towel. Wait to cool. Repeat until satisfied with results.
Note: We do not guarantee that the image will come off completely after multiple attempts.

We would recommend using Avery Stretchable Fabric Transfers (3302). These work great with light-colored stretchable synthetic or synthetic blend fabrics.

You cannot print white font unless it is outlined and cut out around the text or image. The product is a white sheet that can be printed on, cut out and ironed on to create the appearance of white text or images

Avery is committed to providing you with quality products and will gladly replace any product which does not provide complete satisfaction. Results are only guaranteed when printing, application and washing instructions for all fabric transfer products are followed. For extended usage, use heat press rather than household iron. Product Guarantee is void if all instructions are not followed.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions, comments or suggestions.