How to Mirror or Flip Text and Images for Light T-Shirt Transfers

The best way to ensure your light t-shirt transfer will be flipped for printing is to use the product's template in Avery Design & Print Online. Any text or images will automatically be mirrored/reversed once you open or download the PDF.
  • On Step 4 - Preview and Print, select Print on the right-hand side.
  • After it asks if you want to save, select either Download or Open PDF.
  • Then you should see the PDF of your project with the mirrored text and images.
  •  You will not need to mirror your images or text if you are using a Dark T-Shirt Transfer

If you use Microsoft Word or another program that doesn't automatically format light fabric transfers, when you click Print, look in the Properties or Preferences dialog for Mirror Image or Reverse Printing.  This option varies by printer, so check your printer manufacturer's website for details.

If you are not using a light transfer for your project and want to mirror an image, here is a workaround we would recommend:

  • Open PowerPoint and add your image to a blank slide
  • Under Format go to rotate and select the option to Flip Horizontal
  • Select File and Save As and save the file as a PNG
  • In Customize of Design & Print Online, you can select Image & Add Image to upload your mirror design

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