Word Template Misalignment
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Word Template Misalignment

 Here are a few options to troubleshoot a misalignment in Microsoft Word:

 Double-check that you are using the correct template for your Avery Product

  •    Make sure that the typed information is within the guidelines of the template and is correctly aligned
  •    Save the Word Document as a PDF file and do a test print to see if that helps with the alignment 

 If you are still having issues with alignment, you can try using Word’s ruler to manually adjust the margins of the template: 

  • At the top of your Word program, select View and check the Ruler box

  • Once this is checked, you will see a Ruler appear at the top and left side of the document
  • Hover your mouse between the white and gray part of the ruler until you see a two-headed arrow appear. You can click and drag your mouse to manually adjust the margins, shifting the template up or down (with the ruler on the left) or shifting it right or left (with the ruler at the top)
  • After you shift the template, do a test print on plain paper and line that up with your label sheet until you see that it is properly aligned

You can also use our free Avery Design & Print Online to create and print your project. 


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