Word For Mac Mail Merge Import Spreadsheet Or Apple Contacts
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Word for Mac Mail Merge (import spreadsheet or Apple Contacts)

Mail Merge in MS Word Mac (2016)



Mail Merge in MS Word Mac (2011)


  • Open a Blank Word Document
  • Select Mail Merge Manager from the Tools Menu
  • Use the Pulldown under Step 1 Select Document Type > Create New, and select Labels 
  • Locate Avery Standard under Label Products
  • Select your Avery Product number
  • Review the dimensions and verify that they are correct via the package the labels came in
  • Click OK
  • Word will layout the labels for you as shown below
  • Under Step 2 Select Recipients List, click the pulldown for Get List, and choose Open Data Source
  • Select your address list and then select Open
  • Use the Insert Merge Field to choose the Name, address, ect
  • Keep adding the fields as you so desire, using the enter key to separate lines, and commas to separate city/state and space or comma before zip. Click OK.
  • Review the fields on the page to verify that they are as you would like them to be.

  • Now click on the second button to Merge to New Document
  • Merge to New Document creates a new document with your labels. We always suggest printing on a test sheet and holding them up to the labels first, to verify that the alignment is correct. After circling back to this point and getting an acceptable print, you are free to print


     If you have multiple sheets of labels, select Edit Individual Labels then make sure it is selected to All and click Ok. This will generate the other sheets of labels from the merged data.


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